Sunday, February 19, 2012

A dozen favourite colours!

I have never had a one worded answer to the question 'What's your favourite colour?' I always answered 'Violet. But, maroon for clothes, black for eyes, green for ink, bright blue with orange streaks for the sky, yellow for gift wraps and roses, silver for phones and cars. Red took the top spot when I was a kid. Black and white it was, when I got out of school. I had a dozen favourite colours during various phases of my life. Some shades of a basic colour I don't particularly prefer, may seem stunning on specific surfaces or textures. Dirty green looks fabulous on paper or clothes when next to a perfect contrast, but looks horrible when its a solution in a test tube. Translucent violet or baby pink will look awesome when its a liquid in a glass, but it'll look pathetic if its used to paint an SUV.

"Shru, next time don't buy green," my colleague reminded me.
"Ulp, but I just bought a new green kurti yesterday," I beamed looking down at what I was wearing.
I don't know what it is with me, but its only a few minutes ago that I realized that I have had a thing for green since the past few months.

Its all the state of mind I think. I can explain. I belonged to the Red House when I was in school. So, I had the Red House spirit within me as I grew and my affinity towards red rose (past of rise, not the flower). As I neared the last year of my school, I realized red was too bright and navy blue took the soft corner in my heart. When I went into junior college, black and white became my favurite colours.
My analysis: I was in a girls' school. Getting into a co-ed college was awkward at first. I wanted to remain invisible and unnoticed. Also, I wasn't happy during that time. My friends in college were not MY kind of friends. Everything seemed artificial, limited and short lived. They were either too straight forward or too cunning or they were the kind who could be naughty only if it involved boys.
So, black and white. Colurless life. When I was in twelfth, I fell in love with black. I loved the darkest shades of every colour, everything that looked like black from a distance.

I don't remember noticing any colour throughout my engineering! I was probably too busy with the perfect friends gang that I had gotten :-) Oh yes, my preference had changed from black to white drastically in my 2nd year of engg. I liked bright colours and brightness. I was happy again. Love ya PRaNkSS muaah! :-*

Then came orange. Everything I picked was orange in colour. Bright orange, brownish orange, so much so that I even picked orange nail polish and orange toothbrushes!

Right now, 80% of my clothes are green and everytime I go shopping, I still pick up different shades of green. I write with green ink wherever there is no restriction, My phone wallpaper is 'ladybug' in which there is a red ladybug on a bright green background. My toothbrush is green. I don't wear nailpolish now.

Which is YOUR favourite colour? Does the question make you think too?


Sanket Kambli said...

mine was green for 1-2 year..
now its back to blue..
for a guy choices are limited but yeah this is true.. all time favorite color cannot be singular for me.. its always multi choice..

Jack said...


One should choose colour as per occasion and also if it suits self. One should never go for too outrageous colours.

Take care

PS : Your reply in previous post, No,I will not talk to them but may be suggest kind of approach you may make.