Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh! I have a blog! AND a job.

This page is either jinxed or I am making excuses. But ever since I created this blog, I have not been able to write the way I had been doing earlier. There was a time when I could read and re-read my posts and entertain myself and love myself for the way I write and for what I have written. That doesn't happen anymore. I have tonnes of stuff happening in my life and I tell you, it hasn't been this happening ever before. Maybe that is the reason I don't know what to update here and while I am trying to decide, I am caught up with something more.

My college, which is my workplace, is turning out to reflect a corporate scene where people never seem to finish their work before time and never have any free time. But since the mindset of people here is different, it doesn't look corporate. It looks like a decaying war ground where people are fed up because they cannot do what they do best the way they want to, they are asked to do it differently, for no specified reason, in a way that is inconvenient to them and what do you think is the end product? Inefficiency, irritation, hatred, unrest, grudge. And this is just the beginning. Time will demonstrate what's coming next. People have lost their temper in meetings, expressed it, situations turned nearly violent at one time. Basically, there is no happiness; there will be no happiness for as long as people are not open to experimentation and those who are not ready to wait for the new system's feel to grow on them.

Personally, I don't mind the changes much. My first reaction to the changes (2hr long lectures instead of 1hr being the most objected change) was an obvious "WHATTT?? OHH NOOOO!!" But when I listened to what Dr. Awesome had to say, I thought it was fine to try it out. And I did. But the reaction of the rest of people around... uff!! The less said, the better! "BE PATIENT AND TRY IT FOR A WHILE U OLD FOOLS!!", I'd love to yell out to them. Its a little over a month since the experimentation began and things don't really look as bad as they did when they were introduced.

Enough about college. Those things will work out well eventually. Change, after all, is the spice of life.