Monday, November 1, 2010

That lovely summer evening

It took me a thoughtful, slow 10 minute walk from college to reach my second home- my second floor room in the hostel. My mind was full of thoughts about the lovely trek that he and I had been planning to go for. For one reason or the other, it kept getting postponed. It wasn't the trek that was really important. What mattered was the fact that we were going to do something difficult together, be together for a long time, help each other on the rocks and enjoy a beautiful view up there. Together.
I opened my cupboard and picked up that little green bottle of perfume; closed my eyes and inhaled ..deep in. I could feel him right next to me, because I could smell him there. It felt heavenly. I was sleepy and tired after a long day at college but this little green bottle always helped me feel nice and new. Moreover, the desire remained fresh, wanting to fulfill it as soon as I could.. I couldn’t wait for another right opportunity. I set off right away for that long awaited trek.
It was still bright and sunny outside, so we'd get to watch the lovely sunset together up there. From a distance, I saw him waiting for me. As usual, he had reached on time and I was late. I knew I was late, but I slowed down my pace. I have always loved watching him, his actions, watching him while he spoke, sang, smiled, thought, while he rested, slept.. I simply loved watching him. Now, he was facing the other way, feeling the breeze in his hair, running his fingers through them. Then he turned and walked a few steps, kicked a stone, walked a few more steps, checked his phone, probably selecting a song, turned back again and continued feeling the breeze in his hair. I couldn't help smiling at the cuteness of his every action :"> I slowly sneaked up behind him and lightly ruffled his hair. He stood still for a few moments as if he didn't feel it. Before I could realise what was happening, I was lost in those lovely arms. A few seconds of bliss in the midst of a busy crowd.
"Lead the way", he said with a mocking smile.
"No.. we're going together", I whispered.
He stroked my chin and arm in arm, we proceeded to the top of the world.
This was a place I had been to, twice already, so we weren't going to get lost at least. Thinking of it now, getting lost would've been a lot of fun ;) Our climb upwards was quick and smooth. So unlike how I had thought it would be. I loved the proximity, it was always a pleasure to have him close to me; totally loved just walking around with him. He was one person who truly made me happy just by the fact that he was there, somewhere there, within my reach. He was his usual naughty, cute self, teasing and playing with me all along. His little 'games' were always fun ;)
Surprisingly, we met no one during our climb. There was no one around, unlike the previous times I trekked here.
"I'm not complaining, but, where IS everyone? No one wants to trek today?" I asked aloud.
"Maybe the Gods are just letting me be me today..", saying this, he held me by my hand and pulled me close to him. For the next few moments, I was not in this world. How can a hug feel so nice? I felt as secure as a kitten sleeping in its mother's warmth. There was no worry that I knew of, I was safe, no one could ever harm me. I have no idea how long those few moments lasted. It could be anything from 10 seconds to 10 hours. I had completely lost track of time. I could feel heartbeats; just didn't know whether they were his or mine. I could live all my life like this. Wouldn't even complain to God if I had died during that wonderful embrace. That would've been the most peaceful death in the history of mankind.
But I guess he realised it'd be sunset time soon. He slowly released me from his grip and gently stroked my cheeks.
"Let's go", he whispered into my ears and led me along. Dreamily, I went along.
Soon, we reached the top - our destination. We found a safe, open, breezy spot towards the edge and sat there together, wrapped in each other’s arms. Safe.. secure.. It was the most peaceful feeling. It was just him and me and no one else in this world. We watched the beautiful evening while the soft breeze brushed against our bodies. We talked and talked of little little things and big little things. Impromptu kisses, ruffling the hair, resting our heads on each other, innocent, naughty, sweet things in between our talks... and soon, the sun was a dark shade of orange. Silently, bodies fused to each other, we watched this beautiful phenomenon called sunset. Within seconds, the dark orange had turned crimson red and soon it blended with the surrounding sky and disappeared. He held me tighter, closer and..
..passion overflowed, passion that I had not known, existed. Red sure does something to him.
It would get dark soon and we had to climb down all the way. Reluctantly, lazily, after looking at the photos we had taken, we got up and got ready to climb down. I picked up a thick stick, just in case we needed it.
"Why do you need this measly stick when I'm here?" he mocked and asked me to throw it away.
I threw the stick down. It sounded like a half filled can of Coke though.
"What was that?" I asked and looked around...
...and saw, beneath my outstretched arm, the little green bottle lying on the floor of my hostel room.
The sun was still a dark shade of orange.


P.S.: For anyone who feels the male character's charm is a lot like Twilight's Edward's, thanks a ton ;) But this piece was written two and a half years ago :)