Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Reena Ma'am :')

It was 15 years since I had hidden my passion in the interiors of my hesitant vocal cords. It often tried to push its suffocated self out of me when I was alone; but I only allowed it to come out as a hum. I accepted the long arrest of my passion and took it for dead.

Till one day the push was so hard that I headed straight to this place that taught music. There I met the friendliest face I had seen in a very long time. She wanted to hear the range of my voice and asked me to sing the classical notes. Under normal circumstances, I would shy away. But my arrested passion threatened aloud from within me to commit suicide and so I sang. The friendly, fresh faced lady sitting across me said she'd take my first class on that day itself and we began. I sat facing her.

Reena Ma'am. My first music teacher. The person who was going to make me sing again. The person who had made it her responsibility to free my singing voice from its lifetime imprisonment.

She encouraged me by appreciating when I was doing well and corrected me whenever I was wrong. She never rebuked or criticised. Her way of teaching was different. She taught me the way my mother used to teach me when I was in school. While her fingers ran across the harmonium, she sang along and soon, that hidden part of me had happily come out to hug the person who had lured it out ;)

To her kid students, she is a sweet mother, to the bigger ones, she's a friend. With the 1000 Watt smile that flashes a perfect set of pearly whites and a laughter that can make a crying baby smile, she is the bright sun of my music class. She is someone I'd always want to be in touch with, whichever part of the world life's journey takes me.

Today is her birthday. I wish this carefully and beautifully made creation of God, a wonderful day and a year full of joy, peace, good health, music and love, in and around her. I wish her innumerable happy moments. After all, achhe logon ke saath hamesha achha hota hai <3

Love you ma'am! You're such a sweetheart!! ^_^