Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The day my phone took revenge

It took me a month of research before I zeroed in on my Sony Ericsson k790i two years ago. That was after my k750i had got stolen. It was with a heavy heart that I got separated from my k750i. But the heaviness did not stay for long. k790i turned out to be such awesomeness that I fell in love with it and when the camera proved to be a hit, I was drooling!

That was 2 years ago. With the phone churning out class pictures, my love for my phone kept increasing and it made me overlook all the better stuff that came my way.

Diwali offers were flowing in through the roof and my brother got tempted with one of them.
Buy a phone and get a free LCD TV.
That sounded a lot like 'buy a milk bottle and get a baby free'. He wanted the TV and he knew I was a sucker for phones. As expected, I got tempted too. Since I had to replace my phone anyway, I started thinking about all the negatives that my current phone had. Annoying joystick, hangs a lot, short-lived battery. Awesome camera though, so I'd just use it as a camera till I bought my.. err.. real camera. (That will have to wait a li'l more. For now, I have other priorities.)
I was almost considering replacing my phone I loved so much with a new 'thing' just because my Chota Hitler would get his TV?

So a couple of days ago, I was late to college on the very day when I was internal examiner for that day's vivas. I was in the bus reading 'Eclipse' on my phone and the conductor came by. I took my ticket and decided to rest my eyes till I got into the train. My stop came, I got off the bus and checked the time. I was really late. Had to tell the external examiner to leave a little late from home so that we'd both reach approximately at the same time. AND I remembered that I hadn't taken care of the phone that I had left on my lap while taking my ticket. I checked in my bag, just in case... It wasn't there.


I knew as I looked at the bus that was swiftly making way through the crowded narrow road, (something it never did when I was in a hurry to reach home), that I'd never catch up with it if I tried to chase it on my two legs that never gave me an athletics position better than second last. So, not sane enough to bother about what people on the road would think, I frantically waved to an autorickshaw and screeched as loud as I could. One of the auto drivers probably got worried and drove upto me. I jumped into it.
"Follow that bus, that bus, that.. that one." I almost pushed him to get the auto running faster.

"What happened, madam?"

"Go, go, faster, pleeeeasee!"

"Yea yea, but tell me no, madam, what happened?"

"My phone fell in it." I didn't drop it. IT FELL. Phone's fault.

He drove as fast as he could, without killing any pedestrians hurrying for work.

"Stop right in front of that bus", I was getting increasingly hopeful as we swiftly neared the bus.
Just as we overtook the bus, we turned to come in its way, but the driver did not stop his rick there.
"STOP STOP STOP!!!" I pleaded. I meant to plead but I'm sure it sounded like I'd grab his lungs out of he didn't.

 "Madam the bus will run over us if I stop here!" Saying that, he managed to bring the auto at a place where he could talk to the driver and shouted in Marathi, "Madam's phone fell in the bus. Please stop."

I stuck my head out of the auto so that the bus driver could see my tortured face and feel sorry for me.
It worked. Suddenly, everyone seemed to co-operate. The bus slowed down to a stop, the auto stopped, I rushed out of the auto and into the bus to see the conductor walking towards me with my phone in his hand.

My dear phone *sniff sniff*

"We were going to deposit this at the depot," he sang calmly. Everything was music to my ears then. I'm not even sure if that's what he said because the heavenly violins playing in my head drowned his voice too.
With my head floating in the space above seventh heaven, I beamed at my 2 year old faithful companion and danced away happily to where I had to go.

"Madam!! Madam!!" Someone called out, snapping me back to reality.
Uh oh!
"At least say a thank you if you don't plan to pay me," the auto driver teased.
Aww shucks! I ran back to him with a sheepish grin, poured out a dozen sorries, completely meaning it and paid him. He laughed and thanked me and of course I thanked him too.
I'd hug my phone if it were bigger and I'd smack it too for taking revenge for my goodbye act, if it were not as fragile.

Monday, November 1, 2010

That lovely summer evening

It took me a thoughtful, slow 10 minute walk from college to reach my second home- my second floor room in the hostel. My mind was full of thoughts about the lovely trek that he and I had been planning to go for. For one reason or the other, it kept getting postponed. It wasn't the trek that was really important. What mattered was the fact that we were going to do something difficult together, be together for a long time, help each other on the rocks and enjoy a beautiful view up there. Together.
I opened my cupboard and picked up that little green bottle of perfume; closed my eyes and inhaled ..deep in. I could feel him right next to me, because I could smell him there. It felt heavenly. I was sleepy and tired after a long day at college but this little green bottle always helped me feel nice and new. Moreover, the desire remained fresh, wanting to fulfill it as soon as I could.. I couldn’t wait for another right opportunity. I set off right away for that long awaited trek.
It was still bright and sunny outside, so we'd get to watch the lovely sunset together up there. From a distance, I saw him waiting for me. As usual, he had reached on time and I was late. I knew I was late, but I slowed down my pace. I have always loved watching him, his actions, watching him while he spoke, sang, smiled, thought, while he rested, slept.. I simply loved watching him. Now, he was facing the other way, feeling the breeze in his hair, running his fingers through them. Then he turned and walked a few steps, kicked a stone, walked a few more steps, checked his phone, probably selecting a song, turned back again and continued feeling the breeze in his hair. I couldn't help smiling at the cuteness of his every action :"> I slowly sneaked up behind him and lightly ruffled his hair. He stood still for a few moments as if he didn't feel it. Before I could realise what was happening, I was lost in those lovely arms. A few seconds of bliss in the midst of a busy crowd.
"Lead the way", he said with a mocking smile.
"No.. we're going together", I whispered.
He stroked my chin and arm in arm, we proceeded to the top of the world.
This was a place I had been to, twice already, so we weren't going to get lost at least. Thinking of it now, getting lost would've been a lot of fun ;) Our climb upwards was quick and smooth. So unlike how I had thought it would be. I loved the proximity, it was always a pleasure to have him close to me; totally loved just walking around with him. He was one person who truly made me happy just by the fact that he was there, somewhere there, within my reach. He was his usual naughty, cute self, teasing and playing with me all along. His little 'games' were always fun ;)
Surprisingly, we met no one during our climb. There was no one around, unlike the previous times I trekked here.
"I'm not complaining, but, where IS everyone? No one wants to trek today?" I asked aloud.
"Maybe the Gods are just letting me be me today..", saying this, he held me by my hand and pulled me close to him. For the next few moments, I was not in this world. How can a hug feel so nice? I felt as secure as a kitten sleeping in its mother's warmth. There was no worry that I knew of, I was safe, no one could ever harm me. I have no idea how long those few moments lasted. It could be anything from 10 seconds to 10 hours. I had completely lost track of time. I could feel heartbeats; just didn't know whether they were his or mine. I could live all my life like this. Wouldn't even complain to God if I had died during that wonderful embrace. That would've been the most peaceful death in the history of mankind.
But I guess he realised it'd be sunset time soon. He slowly released me from his grip and gently stroked my cheeks.
"Let's go", he whispered into my ears and led me along. Dreamily, I went along.
Soon, we reached the top - our destination. We found a safe, open, breezy spot towards the edge and sat there together, wrapped in each other’s arms. Safe.. secure.. It was the most peaceful feeling. It was just him and me and no one else in this world. We watched the beautiful evening while the soft breeze brushed against our bodies. We talked and talked of little little things and big little things. Impromptu kisses, ruffling the hair, resting our heads on each other, innocent, naughty, sweet things in between our talks... and soon, the sun was a dark shade of orange. Silently, bodies fused to each other, we watched this beautiful phenomenon called sunset. Within seconds, the dark orange had turned crimson red and soon it blended with the surrounding sky and disappeared. He held me tighter, closer and..
..passion overflowed, passion that I had not known, existed. Red sure does something to him.
It would get dark soon and we had to climb down all the way. Reluctantly, lazily, after looking at the photos we had taken, we got up and got ready to climb down. I picked up a thick stick, just in case we needed it.
"Why do you need this measly stick when I'm here?" he mocked and asked me to throw it away.
I threw the stick down. It sounded like a half filled can of Coke though.
"What was that?" I asked and looked around...
...and saw, beneath my outstretched arm, the little green bottle lying on the floor of my hostel room.
The sun was still a dark shade of orange.


P.S.: For anyone who feels the male character's charm is a lot like Twilight's Edward's, thanks a ton ;) But this piece was written two and a half years ago :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Story - of birth and death

I was born a very healthy baby, two days after I was due. I was 4.2 kgs heavy and fully grown. When my mom saw me, she thought I was blind in one eye because it was closed. When she saw tears in grandma's eyes, she was sure she had given birth to a one-eyed child. Only after some explanation later did she know that the tears were those of joy and that my eye was shut because my hair was getting into it. Yea, I born over weight with long hair and long nails. I was the toy of the nurses there. Grandma had to keep checking to see that they weren't troubling my poor, tiny head with pony tails and rubber bands. Oh and I was loud too! When I cried, it woke up a lot of sleeping people.
I lost weight in the first week and gained most of it back in the next.
That was birth time. Now, with me not being cautious about the flu in the air, seems like its easy for it to reach me. I don't want to die of a flu. A mere little flu. Okay, agreed it made news around the world, but still, a flu seems to be too silly and small a thing to be the cause of death.
I want to die of a tumour- specifically a brain tumour. That would be so cool. Everytime I have a headache and I tell mom, she asks me what could've caused it, I roll my eyes wide, make a scared expression and say, "tuuuumourrrr O_o" heheheheheh... just to irritate her ;)
So,one day I start getting headaches, they get worse and then I go for a test and find that I have a growth in the head. Its too late for any cure and I have 3 months to live. That is going to be the time of my life!! :) No one will tell me what not to do. I will not be scolded at for anything.I can do whatever I have been wanting to do. Learning a new skill is not included here. Since I have 3 months, I can finish off any pending deals, say to people what I have been wanting to say, train a few people to learn to live without me around.
Three months of suffering with the fact in my head that my death is near even seems like a good way to be punished for my bad karmas. I would get two months off from all my duties. Actually, I would just need to hand them all over to someone else and walk away. One part of me would be extremely happy and relieved that I have no worries left, that no one will force anything upon me; the other part of me...
...its really not that easy, is it?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stuff I hate to hear from you

There are friends and there are acquaintances. Then there are strangers and the 'I wanna make fraanship wid u' kind of others. And then there are -saving the best for the last- the close friends. I chat with all of these and some words from all these category of friends and non-friends(!!) actually awaken the wild animal in me. So if you sense sudden anger in me, hell YES.. it IS because of something you just said!!

Here I list some of the things I so very much hate to hear. These are all I remember now. Words in brackets are what I'd love to tell you:

-wassup!! [the fan is and don't dare ask me that again!]

-howz life [its made up of moments and will always be.. leave me alone if this is what u came to say]

-so what else [the dog peed and my back itches. GO!]

-m gng hm wl b bk aftr 2 dz [for god's sake isn't it easier to type out full words? Every word is not Czechoslovakia!!]

-25/M/Bnglr here, wanna chat? [65/M/Andamans, sure I'd love to chat, son! ] I've done this one many times.

'So what else' is the most irritating of those. I was having a chat with one of my close college friends one evening. Let me tell u, I'm in my best mood in the evening. Its like, my time of the day. So I was at my chitter-chatter best for a while. Had a lot of things to tell her. Just before I could start telling her another thing, she said, "so what else?"

Uh.. what.. my mind went totally blank. Irritation was sparking all around me. I had so many things to say and I couldn't remember one single thing! I told her that her what-else had spoilt all the fun.

Another thing that irritates me (ohhh I'm so hyper-irritable!!) is people's reactions.



Ugh.. that's all you have to say? Add something to it! It must be something perfectly alright, but irritates me, nevertheless!

-'Whatever' Now if this one comes from a friend, I'm left all sad and all, it sounds like they don't care! And why 'whatever' when one can easily clarify what exactly it is!? And if it has to be 'whatever' in the end, why start with that topic at all? If it comes from someone who is not a friend, I see to it that that's the last time we speak.

-'Good for you' This one sounds absolutely fine if its not a friend saying it. If its a friend, hey aren't u glad too? :(

-'Develope' is a word I've seen many of my professors write. Even seen it in the question papers. I cut of the 'e' so that I can't see it at all. I unknowingly make the yuckiest of expressions at the sight of that misspelt word. Any other misspelt word will do. Am weird na?

-'Regarding'. I try my best, like BESSSTTT to avoid using that word. The dislike for the word started in Std 5!! My History teacher used to say that word differently; not pronunciation wise, but expression wise. While saying it, she used to pitch down her voice to a very low note, used to move her eyes north east and she used to somehow squint when she did that. Eeeww!!

Like the smell of the perfume of a person we really liked a very long time ago still makes us happy, these words still strike the violence zone in me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh! I have a blog! AND a job.

This page is either jinxed or I am making excuses. But ever since I created this blog, I have not been able to write the way I had been doing earlier. There was a time when I could read and re-read my posts and entertain myself and love myself for the way I write and for what I have written. That doesn't happen anymore. I have tonnes of stuff happening in my life and I tell you, it hasn't been this happening ever before. Maybe that is the reason I don't know what to update here and while I am trying to decide, I am caught up with something more.

My college, which is my workplace, is turning out to reflect a corporate scene where people never seem to finish their work before time and never have any free time. But since the mindset of people here is different, it doesn't look corporate. It looks like a decaying war ground where people are fed up because they cannot do what they do best the way they want to, they are asked to do it differently, for no specified reason, in a way that is inconvenient to them and what do you think is the end product? Inefficiency, irritation, hatred, unrest, grudge. And this is just the beginning. Time will demonstrate what's coming next. People have lost their temper in meetings, expressed it, situations turned nearly violent at one time. Basically, there is no happiness; there will be no happiness for as long as people are not open to experimentation and those who are not ready to wait for the new system's feel to grow on them.

Personally, I don't mind the changes much. My first reaction to the changes (2hr long lectures instead of 1hr being the most objected change) was an obvious "WHATTT?? OHH NOOOO!!" But when I listened to what Dr. Awesome had to say, I thought it was fine to try it out. And I did. But the reaction of the rest of people around... uff!! The less said, the better! "BE PATIENT AND TRY IT FOR A WHILE U OLD FOOLS!!", I'd love to yell out to them. Its a little over a month since the experimentation began and things don't really look as bad as they did when they were introduced.

Enough about college. Those things will work out well eventually. Change, after all, is the spice of life.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another book

I'm done reading 'P.S. I Love You'. A very good book with an unconventional ending; one that makes one want to rid themselves of all the negativity, one that makes one believe that it is not so difficult to overlook the bad things in life and mingle with the beauty around us, making our own life more beautiful and enjoyable; one that makes one wish to have a Hitler-less family like the lady in the book had *wink*

After that, I read another book. '2 States' by Chetan Bhagat :)

By the way, has anyone noticed Chetan's books' names?
-One Night at a Call Centre
-Two States
-Three mistakes of my Life
-Five Point Someone
-Four Filthy Falls.

Okay. I made up the last one. But I think his next book's title will start with 'Four'. Nothing that I think will happen ever happens.
I really adore Chetan's style of writing, especially in '2 States'. There's humour in every alternate sentence. I love the way he comically weaves in similes into serious scenes making them hilarious! I was so much in awe of his writing skills that I searched for Chetan Bhagat on facebook. And I succeeded. I succeeded like I didn't imagine I would. I found 500 Chetan Bhagats there. Hoping to find the original, I used some of my Sherlock skills and analytical abilities and zeroed in on one profile. I sent a friend's request while laughing at myself and within 24 hours, I knew that I had found the real Chetan :) Because my request was rejected. If I were him, I'd do the same too.

Yesterday, I was talking to a fellow blogger and we realized one huge similarity. I'll keep that similarity a secret. That's not the point. She realized while I was talking that, like everyone had been telling me, I urgently needed a break from work and that I had become a workaholic, I was actually enjoying the effort, stress and overload of work that was on me. I still maintain that I don't like holidays. But now it looks like I need to force myself into an extended one because it was her who realized I was overloaded, not me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Missing the boss

I don't like holidays. For some reason, which I refuse to elaborate or even state here right now (since I have been pissed off almost all day today and stating the reason might cause me to erupt like a volcano, complete with hot lava), I prefer being busy and having my brain active full-time, at work.

The workplace has been an absolute pleasure to be in, ever since Dr. Chelpa Lingam took over. He has transformed the ambiance of the place from that of a developing (or sleeping, more precisely) country to a top performer. Once everyone is willing to be open minded for once and understand and accept the changes, something that's just an ambiance for now will turn into reality.

I have never seen a principal here before who has been so busy. There is not a moment when he is alone in his cabin. Meetings go on throughout the day and since there is no time to meet one person at a time, there is multitasking happening. I guess its a good way to do it because that way, people wouldn't go on blabbering insignificant stuff, which is more likely to happen when its a one to one talk. I remember the earlier principals who were mostly discussing god-knows-whats with only a selected few subordinates or reading regional language newspapers!!

Its not just once or twice when I've had the urge to just walk in and speak my mind, when I wished that I'd get some time with him so I could say all that I've been wanting to ask or say on a given day. So many things left unsaid, so many things forgotten, wasted and made to vanish into the blackhole called 'the past', into time that'll never return. Even then, I still have truckloads to say...
Its ok. Someday I'll be important enough.

Sir has been away for more than a week and I have to say I am missing his presence real bad!! Just one more day to go and he'll be back :) and he'll continue to illuminate the place and people's minds here.

There was a day when I was in a situation where I thought I'm going to get a nice little scolding from him. As I sat all sad and apprehensive, one of my students came to me and said, "Principal has changed, no?"
"WHAT???" I spat.
"Yea! The fellow at the counter told me."
"What rubbish? What did he say?"
"That signatures can't be given till we have a substitute."

I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I sat there still, turning cold, but sweating. I could feel a stone in my throat and a throbbing pain rising from my neck to my head. It took a few minutes to be composed again. I remembered then that Naaz had gone to submit some report to him. I called her up to find out. She coolly said that Sir was there in his office and everything's fine.
I nearly strangled my student for almost killing me that day. Her stupid misinterpretations! After that I thought, let him scold me, pressurize me, get me stressed or whatever, I don't mind one bit. I just want him to be around all the time.

Am so glad he's coming back soon :) There's been a clear, ugly void ever since he went on his little, very well deserved holiday. Sir, you have been royally missed!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Last Date

"Meet me at 10", his voice crackled over the phone.
"Same place?", she asked, trying to speak as less as possible.
"Yea. Bye." He cut the call without waiting for her response.
It was 21st May, only a month after they had celebrated their second anniversary of being together, only a week after they had had a bitter fight and cried to sleep, only a day after she told him that she wanted to call it off. Two months ago, neither had dreamed that this day would ever come, that this day would be so near.
It was the day for the break up date.
They had been together for two years. They were the ideal couple, but only for a year. Then, the tensions had begun, the fights had become serious. There were innumerable misunderstandings, lots of failed explanations, anger, tears, grudges and everything bad. The talks had not reduced, but everytime they did, they were either yelling at each other or saying the final goodbye. There had been a hundred final goodbyes. The addiction to each other never let them go apart.
Last night was different. The argument had turned ugly. Instead of trying to make up, they had begun to blame each other and talk about old incidents that each had been hurt by because of the other, old stories that they had thought were long forgotten.
"I don't want to talk to you." She had said.
"Yes, run away into hiding when you know its your fault."
"I don't want to be with you any longer. Do you understand that?" she spoke slowly, softly.
"Yea me neither. I am fed up of the daily fights," his ego spoke aloud without a pause.
"Good thing that the feeling is mutual."
The line went dead.
It had taken him 20 minutes to let her words sink in. Then, he had called her back. It had rung only once before she picked up as if she was waiting for his call. He was glad.
"Hello.. hey.." he tried to speak.
"Let's meet one last time. Tomorrow. Anytime after 8am. Let me know the time."
"Last time? Now you're kidding." He hoped aloud.
"I told you. I have had enough. And I am serious this time."
He had heard those words from her earlier. But he could hear the coldness in her tone this time. She was dead serious. He was searching for words when,
"Goodnight." She slipped the word into the silence; and the line went dead again.
It was 8 am, 21st May when he called her to tell her the meeting time. He could've just sent an SMS, but he wanted to hear her chirps as many times as he could. He had only a few more hours left with the person he loved the most in the world.
INTERMISSION: This is a story I wrote last year, eleven months ago, to be precise. Had posted it elsewhere the very day I wrote it. Now, I'm sharing it here for everyone to see. This was my first attempt at story writing. So far, my last too. Errr.. okay, I confess- this was my second attempt. The first one turned out to be a little too mushy ;)
The meeting place was only a few minutes away from his house, but he left early. He stood at a corner of the busy street trying to concentrate on the noise and traffic around to distract his wailing mind, but everytime someone pushed him in the crowd, he'd realize that he had gotten lost in his thoughts, yet again.
"Hi-ii!" The familiar musical chirp made him turn around quickly and gather himself. It was her. She smiled at him. He tried to return a smile, but couldn't get himself to do it. He was busy searching in her eyes for a clue to know what she had in mind, but her eyes gave nothing away. He looked at his watch and fixed his gaze there for several seconds. Then he dropped his hand to his side and then his head. She was bang on time. Everytime he had complained that she was always late and made him wait. Today, for the break up date, she was on time. It seemed like she was in a hurry to finish it all off.
They took the table next to the door at the coffee shop, fidgeted with the menu card for a few seconds without looking in it and then ordered. She fixed her gaze on the view that she had from her side of the table. She watched the sea rush to shore and tried her best to keep an uncaring face, because she knew that if she showed the slightest hint of sadness, he'd understand.
Coffee arrived. He sat across the little round table staring into it as if he was searching for life's answers in it.
"I'm sorry," he whispered, as if talking to his coffee.
She looked at him from the corner of her eye, at his coffee and back at the waves. She quickly blinked away her tears and was glad that he hadn't noticed.
"Have your coffee", she said and began sipping her's.
He did not budge. He just sat there stealing glimpses of her.
"Why aren't you having your coffee?" she asked him.
He turned to it and looked at it with disgust as if it was a rotting animal. He turned back to her and looked at her questioning eyes as if asking her, 'Will you take me back if I drink this?'
As if reading his mind, she said, "We need to talk. And I don't want to do it here with so many people around. So..."
It took him precisely 20 seconds to finish the contents. The bill was paid and in no time, he was standing, waiting for her to lead the way.
She got up and smiled into his eyes, "Come, let's go and sit on those rocks."
While they walked, he held her little finger. "Don't leave me," he said and tightened his grip.
Her silence made it clear that she had made up her mind when she left from home that day. Silently, they walked ahead till they reached the rocks and settled down on a clean, dry one.
"I did not sleep last night," she said. "Why did you fight with me? Won't you let me sleep in peace ever?"
"I'm sorry. Please don't go away like this. I cannot...", he voice cracked and he looked away.
"This is not easy for me either," she said and reached out to her handbag.
'A goodbye card probably,' he thought and impatiently waited for her hand to come out of the bag. Out came the newspaper. He looked at her, puzzled.
"Is Rahul Gandhi sexy?" She read out aloud and giggled.
"I thought we have something to talk about," he reminded her.
"Oh come on! We have our whole life for that. Let's read the paper together today," she said, and leaned onto his shoulder.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sleep... and a book

Mom has always said that its very comfortable to sleep next to me because I don't move at all once I've slept. So, there are no kicks, pushes or any kind of violence to the person next to me.
Yesterday, I got a proof of this motionless sleep routine of mine. I was really tired when I went to bed yesterday. I remember transferring some data to my pendrive, that I had to give to the lovely little boy I so badly want to adopt.

After putting away my laptop and all the dozens of stuff on my bed, I was finally ready to sleep only to find that the pendrive was still there. I lied down anyway and kept the drive on my stomach.
umm... yea you read right-- stomach. Tummy. Don't ask me why. There was no other place to keep it I guess.
Today morning when I woke up, (without an alarm!!) I found that my pendrive was exactly where I had kept it. I hadn't even moved enough for it to slip off me!

P.S.: I'm reading 'P.S. I Love You' and I'm loving it! I can bet the author did not intend to make it a self help book for the love lost and depressed folks, but it sure feels like that. Its like a tutorial, disguised as an inspiring story, on how to bounce back and live and be happy too!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bless Procrastination!

How much more positive can one get that I am beginning to be now?

If I have gone to the lengths to prove that procrastination can be a good thing too, then I believe I'm doing well at this new optimism in my life now. 'Now', being the keyword. That part will be explained later.

For now, let's see how procrastination can be a good thing after all. We've been every mother's dream child if we haven't given a chance to our elders to scold at us for putting away things for later all the time. But, I have noticed that procrastinating an extreme reaction proves to be a good thing after all. Let me explain with an example. Its something that happened today.

My ex-roomie happened to spend last night at my room. I handed the keys over to her at college itself because I had to go home. We met today so she could give me my keys and she said amidst peals of laughter that she loved what she read in our other ex-roomie's slam book that I had filled. I had been really ruthless in there actually.

It struck me only later that my file that contained my *very private* papers of my Emotional Intelligence workshop was kept in a file that was lying on my table too. I had my head fuming when I assumed that she read what I had written in there. I sure didn't want anyone to read what I had written in it. Not because it was too private or anything, but just because it isn't supposed to be shown to anyone. I typed out several SMS's to send to her but kept deleting them because of the way it could sound to the person reading it. Fortunately for me, before sending the SMS, I got too busy and so decided to send it later. Thank you, God, for making me me. 'Later' came and I contemplated on sending the message again. My fumes had extinguished by then and I thought-- big deal if she read it. She's someone who knows me inside out. So what if she read it? :)

There would have been so much tension between us if I had sent one of those several messages to her. I'm so glad that my habit of procrastination worked in my favour this time!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


If anyone could die due to abundance of joy, I'd be dead now.
I have found my Guru.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sacred Tree

However great and experienced you are, you can't go by your instinct all the time. At times, you need to think and then speak out.

It often happens that first and hastily spoken words have to be regretted sooner or later.

It is not that there is no opportunity to correct what has been said already. But those words may have already been analysed and etched somewhere at the back of the listener's head. Usually, what you say first is what you mean the most. But there are occasions where you'd want to change your words. Then why not be careful and make it a point to always think before speaking however sure you are? Haste indeed makes waste... haste harms, haste hurts.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delayed Picnic Update

I didn't mean to ignore this place. Have wanted to write so much over here but there's sooo much happening that everytime I want to write, something more has happened and what I came to write is old.

Excuses :| I inherit that from my students.

Now I just want to post!!!
I told you I'll be giving picnic updates. There is not much to update, I tell you! What could happen in a picnic?
We decided to meet at 6:30am in college. And we met at the said time. 8 of us. Of which 2 were husbands of 2 staff members. Our usually punctual Dr. Awesome was not on time! Hmmph! He seems to know the rest of the staff members better than we do, even though he has known them for only 3 months. He came by 7:00 and then the rest kept coming. AFTER 7am. There was a tiny 1-minute puja where the college bus driver brutally injured a coconut till its fluids oozed out (:P Ok I was just entertaining myself hehe ;) ). Then there was a lot of photography. I strayed away from the group to click pics of the sun but then I realised that my camera battery had gone poof! Had to make do with my 3.2 Mp faithful SE k790i Cybershot for the rest of the day. The bus finally rolled out of the campus at 7:50 am with 32 staff members. (So much statistics! My quirk.)

From Murud, we took a boat (rowing boat with a sail, not motor boat) to Janjira fort. One of our staff members seemed well informed and made a good guide himself. He explained the significance and history of the place, which I conveniently chose to forget the moment he finished! Murud beach is too tiny and dirty to have any fun. So, we went to Kashid beach. The picture in the previous post was taken at Kashid. After lunch, we had musical sessions :)

Here's the surprise picture I promised to post.

That's Dr. Awesome playing his flute for us. It was a thoughful, beautiful, warm treat! I have uploaded a video of him playing 'Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din' on facebook. A few other staff members also sang for us. But Chelpa Sir was the biggest surprise pack of the day. So cool to have a principal who's a musician flutist, tablist... whoa!!

After spending quick, thoughtful, fun 3 hours at Kahid, we left at 7pm. Reached college campus back at 10pm.

Okay enough of picnic updates! My college festival, ArĂȘte, got over on 20th March and I'm still suffering withdrawal symptoms!! That's how good it was :) Got to see a the different shades of some people during festive season.

More about that in my next post! I'm going to have to censor my next post very carefully!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Murud Janjira, Kashid Beach picnic

You know how lovely horse rides feel? Do you know? What do I tell you? I can't even explan!! Because I haven't ever riden one. Hmmphh! Even though there were horses all around me.
I have reasons:
1. I'm terrified of broken bones.
2. I'm a pessimist when momma is not with me.
But then, if mom was with me, even the faint chance I had would vanish coz she's more terrified of my broken bones than she is of hers :P

Oh by the way, the horses I'm talking about were at the beach. Dr. Awesome (my principal, Dr. Chelpa Lingam, for beginners) arranged for a staff picnic, something we haven't had for years in my college. So, he and 32 other staff members of the college went to Murud-Janjira fort. I'll give tiny, little details about the picnic (and a surprise pic of someone) in the next post. For now, here is a picture I took there.

It was shocking when my camera battery refused to cooperate. But I'm glad my virus infected Sony Ericsson still continues to be very faithful :)

Tata people! Have a Happy Holi and a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Height of Insensitivity

I saw one of the most thoughtless women last week at the railway station.

The indicator showed 6:01 pm and the next train was scheduled for 6:08pm. The platform got more and more crowded as seconds ticked away. An obese, impatient woman came by and asked me, "Was there an announcement about the train being late?" I shook my head and said, "Another 7 minutes" and looked away. She looked talkative and I was in no mood for small talk. Among a lot of tired and bored people there was a very energetic group of college students, talking, teasing and laughing aloud. It was fun watching them. I like it when a group of friends enjoy without a care about what is happening around them.

I saw the fat woman watching them. She came towards me and spoke to the girl next to me, "These girls have to go to Andheri. I'll tell them there is a direct train to Andheri at 6:15pm. That way they won't get into this one. There is already so much rush. If these people come, we won't get any place to sit."

I was flabbergasted! Such insensitive people really do exist on the same planet that I abide?
The girl was no less shocked and told Mrs. Senseless, "No, aunty, why trouble them?" But she said it too sweetly. I would've given the woman such a dirty look that she would've hidden her face for the rest of the month!

I heard the loud honking of the arriving train, but the chirpy group's loud announcements amongst themselves about the comfortable direct train were louder.
"Aunty, you're sure about the train, aren't you?" they excitedly asked to confirm.
"Trust me!" Bitch!

I briskly walked up to the crowd, looked at Mrs. Sweaty'n'Senseless with an exaggerated frown on my face and declared loudly to the group. "Look, there is no such train. She is misguiding you because she wants a place to sit. Get into this train. Hurry."

The group's split second decision was to believe me and they all hopped into the train. Once I was in, I looked for the fat woman; found her nowhere. But being insensitive enough to unhesitatingly lie to a group of kids waiting to get home, I doubt she had any shame in her that'd make her hide or not want to face the group.

That's all. Have a good day ahead. If you are waiting to know about your chances of being able to kick me, look at me sulk ---> :( :( :(
Now pity me. Or deposit your kicks in the feedback box, but listen to my reasons before that! The weekend I was aiming for, mom and I were alone at home and we were having a jolly time. I did not want to step out of that mood :D And last weekend, the 3-day long one, mom and I were not alone at home and so, I was spending time with the rest of the family :P

P.S. I was extremely upset with two of my friends (still am) for loudly assuming the way I treat my lovely students. Let me make it clear to everyone here. I DO NOT TORTURE MY KIDS!!! They are my cute, naughty bundles of joy whom I treasure and will never ever let anyone harm them in any way!! Do you get that clear, both of you?

PPS: RJ Karan Singh Rathore's programme 'Ru-ba-ru' on 104 Fever FM (Mumbai) turns ONE today. Karan's second album, also named 'Ru-ba-ru', will be releasing shortly. I will keep you updated about the whereabouts of the man with the lovely voice :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend plans

I pray that this weekend will be different.

There are things that I have been wanting to do for a very long time now. But I wanted to finish off the more important things before I distract myself because the distraction is a passion and the important stuff was compulsion. I have been teased for having delayed pursuing my passion for so many years and just going on whining about it. I have been told that if I really wanted to do it, I would. Now, I am saying it again. I really want to do it. Scores of weekends ago, I could have got closer to it, by my laziness always came in the way. This weekend should be different.

I usually wake up very late on holidays. But on Republic day, I woke up early and got ready so that I could be a part of the flag hoisting ceremony in our colony. Desh Bhakti! :D Hehe.. it wasn't really patriotism because I usually watch the Republic Day parade and flag hoisting happening in about 20 states, on TV. But this time, our dear Principal Sir wanted us to be present in college on 26th for hoisting and said that those who could not be a part of the function could simply give him proof that they attended elsewhere. So, I had actually gone to take some photos of the programme. And I did. But I never did have to show it to him. That's a different story altogether. Bad story.

Anyway, it shows that if I want to wake up early and make the day productive, I can. Its only my laziness coming in the way. I am taking care of it slowly and I have to, considering the way I am handling the extra responsibility that has been put on me. More on that later.

On Monday, I will report to you if I managed to hide away from my laziness and do the stuff I planned to :) And if I don't report, it just means that I did not do it. Kick me then. And kick me hard. By the way, I got hit by a cricket ball yesterday :P It didn't hurt!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My awesome boss!

I have an amazing new principal in college. Anyone following my updates on facebook would know how fond of him I am :) It is not often that one likes their boss. We tend to dislike those who have authority over us. I think this is most experienced by children with older siblings. Like I have my Chota (small) Hitler (that's a nick I have given my big brother) Why do I call him Chota even though he is older? That's because there is a Bada (big) Hitler in my house too. My dad :P

They say people who draw moustaches and beards on pictures of people on book covers are those who thirst for authority but just cannot get it. My Hitlers already have moustaches, so, giving them names was all I could do. Like an obedient little child, I nod and listen to everything dad instructs. I am not scared of my brother but he has a knack of making me do things. He will give these philosophical, senseless big brother lectures to mom, which magically make sense to her and I am given the title of a disobedient spoilt brat if I do not listen to him. So, I am blackmailed into obeying this person who is just 13 months older than me. Pfft! I should prepare some poor-little-small-sister lectures now.

Aah.. so.. my adorable principal! The name's Dr. Chelpa Lingam. He is one of a kind. The kind of person one cannot dislike. I was impressed during the first meeting we had with him itself. It lasted a little more than hour and it was his first meeting with all college staff. The rest of the meetings we've had lasted no less than two hours each. Two splendid hours that feel like just a few minutes!

He is a great speaker. I think it is the fact that he is a certified speaker for Emotional Intelligence that makes his words so captivating. It is such a pleasure to know that the man in the "BIG BOSS" chair has no ego issues and that you can be relaxed and free around him, that you can be human, not employee.

He joined our college just before the semester exams began. A new rule was introduced for students who are caught with chits or mobile phones with exam related data. Any such student will not be allowed to write the rest of the exams in that semester. Strict it is, but this is something I have been wanting ever since I was a student. This is an engineering college after all. If you are copying and passing, you are going to, say, build bridges that collapse in a day!

He should've joined our college years ago. Way before we had some inconsiderate people who knew only to carelessly pass orders. Anyway, rather than getting greedy, I guess I should just be thankful that we have him here at least now! :) I just hope that the snakes and wolves of the college fail miserably in their attempts to drive him out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The answer

Happy new year!! :)
So, many of you saw a red rose. Some saw a folded napkin, rose on cake and many such well thought stuff. See I told you its a modified picture. I go backwards now. The picture I wanted to publish was actually this.

A yellow rose. But it looked a lot like the original object.

This is the original object. A cropped version of the original photo. It still looks like a rose, doesn't it?

Aaaand here it is! The original object. A cabbage cut in two. Check out that awesome looking centre!

A cabbage by any other name would look as beautiful.. ;)