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Karan Singh Rathore: Part II - Happy Birthday, Karanji :)

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Months briskly tiptoed away. Life was pretty much the same with mornings spent in college and evenings, partying with pen and paper while we relished on Karan Singh’s little poems and panktiyaan. VII sem was training semester when we did not have to attend college. We had to undergo 20 weeks training in either an industry or a hospital. So, I was not living in a hostel anymore.

It was 5th November, Wednesday, my birthday and I was on my way home. Internet at home was messed up, so I went to a cyber café before I reached home. Opened my mailbox.. and.. almost collapsed with what I saw in there. Goodness gracious sakes alive!
A mail from Karan. Sub: Happy Birthday!!

Do I need to tell you now how I reacted? I was in a cyber café, so I let out a record breaking softest happy, excited scream. When I came back to my senses, I was confused. How did he know it was my birthday!? Surely my gang of girls must’ve done something! I started reading the mail. It was a long one. He had wished me a great day, happiness and blessings and then followed my birthday gift- 5 panktiyaan that he had written, ones that he had never read on air or published anywhere, ones for which I was going to be the first one to read :) I was overjoyed!! That was the best gift I could get. Unseen creations from the creator himself. :) Bliss I felt.
While replying to the mail, I realized it was a Wednesday; on Thursday, he used to take calls or call selected people who mailed him their numbers. I wrote my number there and said that I’d love to be on air the next day.

A very happy girl I was when I stepped out of the cyber café. On reaching home, mom told me there had been a lot of calls and that everyone said they’d call back later. I happily settled on the sofa, thinking of.. no, not Karan’s mail.. but of the lovely chocolate cake that was waiting for me. The phone calls started.

I reluctantly got up, knowing the call was for me and staggered to the phone.
“Hello? May I speak to...” went the male voice.
Mighty heavens what a voice! Call is for brother. I should ask who it is. Damn what a sexy voice!
“...Shruti?” the male voice completed his question.
Call for me!!?? “Speaking.. who’s this?”
“Shruti, many many happy returns of the day”
“Thank you.. who’s this?”
“You didn’t recognize my voice?”
“No, who is it?” I was beginning to get very irritated now because this stranger was making me talk and not telling who he was grrrr!!!
I heard a light, silent chuckle from the other end. I waited for his answer with a frown.
Finally, he spoke, “Aksar hum… Hindi mein baatein kiya karte hain..”
:-O “!!!! Karan Siiiiiiingh!!!!” I yelled into the phone like an excited teen! I recognized that tone, that style.. when voice and words came together, I recognized the stranger behind the voice!
“Ohmygodohmygod.. This is such a lovely surprise”
*silent chuckles from the other end again* (that’s Karan’s style of laughter, all you get to hear is breathing sounds)
“You had written your number in the mail, to maine socha aapko aaj hi call karke wish kar doon.”
“Thank you so much Karanji, you made my day..” I happily chirped into the phone.. At this moment, I noticed two pairs of huge surprised eyes on very confused faces studying me from a distance- mom’s and brother’s. LOL!!

Karan told me that my friends had mailed him asking him to wish me. We spoke for a few minutes before I reluctantly ended the conversation with a heavy ‘bye'. *sigh* Why are goodbyes so difficult?
After a quick explanation for my hyper reactions to my mom and brother, I cut my cake happily. Calls followed and I told my gang about what had happened.
PRaNkSS, u gals are precious :-*

Soon after dinner, I hit the bed with the radio plugged into my ears. This time, it felt like I was listening to an old friend. The show went on in its usual grandeur till it was time to say shubh raatri. To my surprise, before ending the show, he wished ‘Shrutiji a happy birthday once again.’ Such a sweetheart! What say? :)
Such a memorable birthday that one was! :)

Today, the writer-painter-sculptor-singer, the man with the heavenly voice celebrates his birthday.
Karanji, from me and from all of us, your ardent admirers, here’s a grand, genuine, heartfelt wish for you to have the best birthday ever and a superb, successful, joyous year ahead! :) May the mighty God above keep showering you with blessings forever and ever...

A lovely yummy chocolate cake is going to me cut in my house today :) because its my mom's birthday too! Happy birthday lovely mommy :-*

(Karan's story to be continued...)

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