Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A marriage that totally pissed me off!

I heard about someone's wedding today and was shocked as hell. I almost puked. The guy was marrying his sister!!! Well, almost sister, someone he saw as his sister for 20 years, ever since he was 4 years old.  He was marrying his maternal uncle's daughter!
Bleddy sister-f*er! (read saala BC!!)

How the hell did this happen? No, they weren't in love. Their houses were close to each other, so the families were close; and while they were looking for a bride for the guy, the girl in our story was preparing to stand as his sister for his wedding since the guy had no 'real' sisters. The parents searched for a girl for years, but in vain. And THEN came the suggestions of the education deprived, illiterate old women in the family. Why not get this girl married to the guy? What's the big deal? Our grandfathers were sister f*ers, why not make our grandson one too? Haha effing BC son of ours!

Grand-illiterate-ma managed to brainwash the minds of 4 foolish parents and out they set with 2 horoscopes in hand, to an astrologer!!
Horoscopes match!! Yayyee!
12 boxes pedhas please! Make that 13. Let the soon to be wed brother-sister feed each other one box. It might make them fall in lurrrve!

And then began the long and difficult process of making the children say yes. He's not your brother anymore he's the man you have to make babies with.

And the couple I'm talking about finally agreed and got married.

Eeeks! I shudder wondering what their first night was like..

Aji sunte ho, bhaiyya... oops!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life as the home minister! :)

Happy birthday to me! ;)

I have successfully completed one month at a new home, a home away from homeland, and the place sure is cosy! ^_^

I'm having a fun time here, living the kind of life I've been dreaming of ever since I got engaged! It feels absolutely wonderful living as a small family - the husband, the kid and me - away from elders, away from supervision, interrogation and comments. I don't have to please people or smile when I don't feel like it or follow time tables. It feels great to be finally out of the microscope slide. Aah!

Every married couple must live like this, independently. I wasn't really scared before coming here, but since cooking was not a part of my daily activity, I was not very sure how well I'd manage. I had to come anyway because - one - the daddy was missing out on a lot of bringing-up-the-baby fun and two - I was missing out on bringing-up-the-baby-with-her-daddy-around fun! But now, after one month of feeding my husband, my baby and myself, my confidence has increased and now I know I can manage a home :-) Oh it does feel SO SO awesome!! :-)

When you're living like this, you can sing aloud whenever you want, you can have lunch at 3pm, you don't have to panic if you forget your pajamas when you go for a bath, never worry what someone might think if you do what you really want to do right NOW... like writing this post while the baby is next to me trying to murder the vacuum cleaner.

I think it's high time now that the elders accept the fact that two mature individuals are running a home with a baby and it's something that is not happening for the first time in the history of the earth.

I can feel the true joy of feeding my little family, the true joy of looking after my baby <3 p="">THIS is the kind of life everyone must live! It makes us independent, responsible and confident (AND very patient too)! Oh the joys of such life! Touchwood!

Burp! Overate chocolate cake for birthday, See ya'll!! Lots of baby posts coming soon!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 !!!

Yay! 2014 is here! :-)

2013 was by far the most eventful year of my life. After all, isn't going from being single to married, the biggest event in anyone's life? Hey! Don't say I did not tell you. Did I not tell you at the end of this post that I was caught up with life transforming procedures? And I also told you at the end of this post that I decided that a good looking, scarred statue was not enough to keep me company all through life.
Yeah! Slippery me! Heh! :D

Marriage is a concept that I ran away from, for uncountable years. I've had innumerable arguments with elders about how it is not necessary to get married and how they must stop forcing a mentally unprepared me to get bound in an irreversible situation. All this, in spite of knowing at the back of my mind that someday it was bound to happen. And it did happen almost a year ago. So that's what makes 2013 the most eventful year of my life so far. :D

I think I've been deprived of exciting events in my life for a long time, so I don't want to stop here. Maybe I'm greedy for adventure but I forgive myself for that harmless greed and I hope hard that more awesome events come my way.

And I wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2014 and pray that the year brings you lots of joy and fulfilment.