Friday, October 15, 2010

My Story - of birth and death

I was born a very healthy baby, two days after I was due. I was 4.2 kgs heavy and fully grown. When my mom saw me, she thought I was blind in one eye because it was closed. When she saw tears in grandma's eyes, she was sure she had given birth to a one-eyed child. Only after some explanation later did she know that the tears were those of joy and that my eye was shut because my hair was getting into it. Yea, I born over weight with long hair and long nails. I was the toy of the nurses there. Grandma had to keep checking to see that they weren't troubling my poor, tiny head with pony tails and rubber bands. Oh and I was loud too! When I cried, it woke up a lot of sleeping people.
I lost weight in the first week and gained most of it back in the next.
That was birth time. Now, with me not being cautious about the flu in the air, seems like its easy for it to reach me. I don't want to die of a flu. A mere little flu. Okay, agreed it made news around the world, but still, a flu seems to be too silly and small a thing to be the cause of death.
I want to die of a tumour- specifically a brain tumour. That would be so cool. Everytime I have a headache and I tell mom, she asks me what could've caused it, I roll my eyes wide, make a scared expression and say, "tuuuumourrrr O_o" heheheheheh... just to irritate her ;)
So,one day I start getting headaches, they get worse and then I go for a test and find that I have a growth in the head. Its too late for any cure and I have 3 months to live. That is going to be the time of my life!! :) No one will tell me what not to do. I will not be scolded at for anything.I can do whatever I have been wanting to do. Learning a new skill is not included here. Since I have 3 months, I can finish off any pending deals, say to people what I have been wanting to say, train a few people to learn to live without me around.
Three months of suffering with the fact in my head that my death is near even seems like a good way to be punished for my bad karmas. I would get two months off from all my duties. Actually, I would just need to hand them all over to someone else and walk away. One part of me would be extremely happy and relieved that I have no worries left, that no one will force anything upon me; the other part of me...
...its really not that easy, is it?