Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another book

I'm done reading 'P.S. I Love You'. A very good book with an unconventional ending; one that makes one want to rid themselves of all the negativity, one that makes one believe that it is not so difficult to overlook the bad things in life and mingle with the beauty around us, making our own life more beautiful and enjoyable; one that makes one wish to have a Hitler-less family like the lady in the book had *wink*

After that, I read another book. '2 States' by Chetan Bhagat :)

By the way, has anyone noticed Chetan's books' names?
-One Night at a Call Centre
-Two States
-Three mistakes of my Life
-Five Point Someone
-Four Filthy Falls.

Okay. I made up the last one. But I think his next book's title will start with 'Four'. Nothing that I think will happen ever happens.
I really adore Chetan's style of writing, especially in '2 States'. There's humour in every alternate sentence. I love the way he comically weaves in similes into serious scenes making them hilarious! I was so much in awe of his writing skills that I searched for Chetan Bhagat on facebook. And I succeeded. I succeeded like I didn't imagine I would. I found 500 Chetan Bhagats there. Hoping to find the original, I used some of my Sherlock skills and analytical abilities and zeroed in on one profile. I sent a friend's request while laughing at myself and within 24 hours, I knew that I had found the real Chetan :) Because my request was rejected. If I were him, I'd do the same too.

Yesterday, I was talking to a fellow blogger and we realized one huge similarity. I'll keep that similarity a secret. That's not the point. She realized while I was talking that, like everyone had been telling me, I urgently needed a break from work and that I had become a workaholic, I was actually enjoying the effort, stress and overload of work that was on me. I still maintain that I don't like holidays. But now it looks like I need to force myself into an extended one because it was her who realized I was overloaded, not me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Missing the boss

I don't like holidays. For some reason, which I refuse to elaborate or even state here right now (since I have been pissed off almost all day today and stating the reason might cause me to erupt like a volcano, complete with hot lava), I prefer being busy and having my brain active full-time, at work.

The workplace has been an absolute pleasure to be in, ever since Dr. Chelpa Lingam took over. He has transformed the ambiance of the place from that of a developing (or sleeping, more precisely) country to a top performer. Once everyone is willing to be open minded for once and understand and accept the changes, something that's just an ambiance for now will turn into reality.

I have never seen a principal here before who has been so busy. There is not a moment when he is alone in his cabin. Meetings go on throughout the day and since there is no time to meet one person at a time, there is multitasking happening. I guess its a good way to do it because that way, people wouldn't go on blabbering insignificant stuff, which is more likely to happen when its a one to one talk. I remember the earlier principals who were mostly discussing god-knows-whats with only a selected few subordinates or reading regional language newspapers!!

Its not just once or twice when I've had the urge to just walk in and speak my mind, when I wished that I'd get some time with him so I could say all that I've been wanting to ask or say on a given day. So many things left unsaid, so many things forgotten, wasted and made to vanish into the blackhole called 'the past', into time that'll never return. Even then, I still have truckloads to say...
Its ok. Someday I'll be important enough.

Sir has been away for more than a week and I have to say I am missing his presence real bad!! Just one more day to go and he'll be back :) and he'll continue to illuminate the place and people's minds here.

There was a day when I was in a situation where I thought I'm going to get a nice little scolding from him. As I sat all sad and apprehensive, one of my students came to me and said, "Principal has changed, no?"
"WHAT???" I spat.
"Yea! The fellow at the counter told me."
"What rubbish? What did he say?"
"That signatures can't be given till we have a substitute."

I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I sat there still, turning cold, but sweating. I could feel a stone in my throat and a throbbing pain rising from my neck to my head. It took a few minutes to be composed again. I remembered then that Naaz had gone to submit some report to him. I called her up to find out. She coolly said that Sir was there in his office and everything's fine.
I nearly strangled my student for almost killing me that day. Her stupid misinterpretations! After that I thought, let him scold me, pressurize me, get me stressed or whatever, I don't mind one bit. I just want him to be around all the time.

Am so glad he's coming back soon :) There's been a clear, ugly void ever since he went on his little, very well deserved holiday. Sir, you have been royally missed!