Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend plans

I pray that this weekend will be different.

There are things that I have been wanting to do for a very long time now. But I wanted to finish off the more important things before I distract myself because the distraction is a passion and the important stuff was compulsion. I have been teased for having delayed pursuing my passion for so many years and just going on whining about it. I have been told that if I really wanted to do it, I would. Now, I am saying it again. I really want to do it. Scores of weekends ago, I could have got closer to it, by my laziness always came in the way. This weekend should be different.

I usually wake up very late on holidays. But on Republic day, I woke up early and got ready so that I could be a part of the flag hoisting ceremony in our colony. Desh Bhakti! :D Hehe.. it wasn't really patriotism because I usually watch the Republic Day parade and flag hoisting happening in about 20 states, on TV. But this time, our dear Principal Sir wanted us to be present in college on 26th for hoisting and said that those who could not be a part of the function could simply give him proof that they attended elsewhere. So, I had actually gone to take some photos of the programme. And I did. But I never did have to show it to him. That's a different story altogether. Bad story.

Anyway, it shows that if I want to wake up early and make the day productive, I can. Its only my laziness coming in the way. I am taking care of it slowly and I have to, considering the way I am handling the extra responsibility that has been put on me. More on that later.

On Monday, I will report to you if I managed to hide away from my laziness and do the stuff I planned to :) And if I don't report, it just means that I did not do it. Kick me then. And kick me hard. By the way, I got hit by a cricket ball yesterday :P It didn't hurt!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My awesome boss!

I have an amazing new principal in college. Anyone following my updates on facebook would know how fond of him I am :) It is not often that one likes their boss. We tend to dislike those who have authority over us. I think this is most experienced by children with older siblings. Like I have my Chota (small) Hitler (that's a nick I have given my big brother) Why do I call him Chota even though he is older? That's because there is a Bada (big) Hitler in my house too. My dad :P

They say people who draw moustaches and beards on pictures of people on book covers are those who thirst for authority but just cannot get it. My Hitlers already have moustaches, so, giving them names was all I could do. Like an obedient little child, I nod and listen to everything dad instructs. I am not scared of my brother but he has a knack of making me do things. He will give these philosophical, senseless big brother lectures to mom, which magically make sense to her and I am given the title of a disobedient spoilt brat if I do not listen to him. So, I am blackmailed into obeying this person who is just 13 months older than me. Pfft! I should prepare some poor-little-small-sister lectures now.

Aah.. so.. my adorable principal! The name's Dr. Chelpa Lingam. He is one of a kind. The kind of person one cannot dislike. I was impressed during the first meeting we had with him itself. It lasted a little more than hour and it was his first meeting with all college staff. The rest of the meetings we've had lasted no less than two hours each. Two splendid hours that feel like just a few minutes!

He is a great speaker. I think it is the fact that he is a certified speaker for Emotional Intelligence that makes his words so captivating. It is such a pleasure to know that the man in the "BIG BOSS" chair has no ego issues and that you can be relaxed and free around him, that you can be human, not employee.

He joined our college just before the semester exams began. A new rule was introduced for students who are caught with chits or mobile phones with exam related data. Any such student will not be allowed to write the rest of the exams in that semester. Strict it is, but this is something I have been wanting ever since I was a student. This is an engineering college after all. If you are copying and passing, you are going to, say, build bridges that collapse in a day!

He should've joined our college years ago. Way before we had some inconsiderate people who knew only to carelessly pass orders. Anyway, rather than getting greedy, I guess I should just be thankful that we have him here at least now! :) I just hope that the snakes and wolves of the college fail miserably in their attempts to drive him out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The answer

Happy new year!! :)
So, many of you saw a red rose. Some saw a folded napkin, rose on cake and many such well thought stuff. See I told you its a modified picture. I go backwards now. The picture I wanted to publish was actually this.

A yellow rose. But it looked a lot like the original object.

This is the original object. A cropped version of the original photo. It still looks like a rose, doesn't it?

Aaaand here it is! The original object. A cabbage cut in two. Check out that awesome looking centre!

A cabbage by any other name would look as beautiful.. ;)