Sunday, February 28, 2010

Murud Janjira, Kashid Beach picnic

You know how lovely horse rides feel? Do you know? What do I tell you? I can't even explan!! Because I haven't ever riden one. Hmmphh! Even though there were horses all around me.
I have reasons:
1. I'm terrified of broken bones.
2. I'm a pessimist when momma is not with me.
But then, if mom was with me, even the faint chance I had would vanish coz she's more terrified of my broken bones than she is of hers :P

Oh by the way, the horses I'm talking about were at the beach. Dr. Awesome (my principal, Dr. Chelpa Lingam, for beginners) arranged for a staff picnic, something we haven't had for years in my college. So, he and 32 other staff members of the college went to Murud-Janjira fort. I'll give tiny, little details about the picnic (and a surprise pic of someone) in the next post. For now, here is a picture I took there.

It was shocking when my camera battery refused to cooperate. But I'm glad my virus infected Sony Ericsson still continues to be very faithful :)

Tata people! Have a Happy Holi and a great weekend!


Shantharam said...

Thats really an awesome pic!! Happy Holi!!

Shantharam aka Shanthu :D

Vrij said...

Now.. how many times do we get freaky??? Can you even believe that my cam's battery too is acting up and I'm also stuck up using the same K790i that serves you best?

Resuscitat said...

weekend ya loooong weekend??
yeh na-insaafi hai phbbtt! mujhe bhi holi ki chutti chahiye =((

Sankoobaba said...

i havent ridden a horse, I did ride a camel, and its funky!

2 yrs back i spent holi.. riding my bike to murud-janjira-kashid... this year..was a short trip.. roha-alibaug-pali...

the photo you posted is very good,, especially the way the sand glistens like gold..keep it up..

"sony ericsson cybershot camera phone rocks!"

and yes.. you have been presented with an award..just head to my blog!! congrats

Anonymous said...

Great pic...
I hope u haven't altered it...
I was hoping that you would give me the link to your older blog...

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Shanthu: thank u :) how was ur Holi?

Vrij: OMG!!! U've got to be kidding! HOWHOWHOW many times!!!

Pri: :P Tell em its Holi.. when they ask u what it is, throw a water balloon on them =))

Sanket: wah! coincidence that I had to write about this on Holi :)
award?? wow! thankeeee :D

Darshan: >:D< welcome here! :) and oh yes the pic IS altered :)
Link.. new one not enough? ;)

Jules said...

I really love your photo here, Shruti!! I've been on a horse as a child, but never as an adult... I've wanted to go though. Maybe this summer. We could organize to do it in the same day, support each other through the scary bits!!! :O)

Shantharam said...

Pretti booring!!!! was working!!! :( :(

Jack said...


How was your HOLI? Looking forward to your post.

Take care

Chirag said...

Nice Pic
I stay at a distance from this horses since I had once escaped narrowly from falling off a cliff while the horse I was riding fell being on way back from Shri Vaishno Devi Temple :)
any ways hw was ur Holi??

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Jules: thanku babes! :)
Horse riding.. me?? nooo!! :P was a good way to do it though :)

Shanthu: aww! I thought it was a public holiday!

Jack: It was dry and nice.. I managed to stay hidden at home away from all the dangerous stuff around :P

Chirag: OMG!! :O Well, that is reason enough for me to stay away from it too :P My Holi was nice n clean n dry :D

Chirag said...

nice n clean n dry :o !!
u celeberated holi or diwali??

Shantharam said...

WEll it was supposed to be... :( but kya kare.. majboori hai to kaam karna hi padta hai

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Chirag: LOL!!! I'm scared of Holi way of celebration. So I just stay at home. I call it a great day if managed to be colourless n waterless ;)

Shanthu: I hope u like ur job :)

Resuscitat said...

makhan! blog update kar le moti!

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Pri.. now that u said it :) I will :D mmuuahhhhhh :)

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