Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Height of Insensitivity

I saw one of the most thoughtless women last week at the railway station.

The indicator showed 6:01 pm and the next train was scheduled for 6:08pm. The platform got more and more crowded as seconds ticked away. An obese, impatient woman came by and asked me, "Was there an announcement about the train being late?" I shook my head and said, "Another 7 minutes" and looked away. She looked talkative and I was in no mood for small talk. Among a lot of tired and bored people there was a very energetic group of college students, talking, teasing and laughing aloud. It was fun watching them. I like it when a group of friends enjoy without a care about what is happening around them.

I saw the fat woman watching them. She came towards me and spoke to the girl next to me, "These girls have to go to Andheri. I'll tell them there is a direct train to Andheri at 6:15pm. That way they won't get into this one. There is already so much rush. If these people come, we won't get any place to sit."

I was flabbergasted! Such insensitive people really do exist on the same planet that I abide?
The girl was no less shocked and told Mrs. Senseless, "No, aunty, why trouble them?" But she said it too sweetly. I would've given the woman such a dirty look that she would've hidden her face for the rest of the month!

I heard the loud honking of the arriving train, but the chirpy group's loud announcements amongst themselves about the comfortable direct train were louder.
"Aunty, you're sure about the train, aren't you?" they excitedly asked to confirm.
"Trust me!" Bitch!

I briskly walked up to the crowd, looked at Mrs. Sweaty'n'Senseless with an exaggerated frown on my face and declared loudly to the group. "Look, there is no such train. She is misguiding you because she wants a place to sit. Get into this train. Hurry."

The group's split second decision was to believe me and they all hopped into the train. Once I was in, I looked for the fat woman; found her nowhere. But being insensitive enough to unhesitatingly lie to a group of kids waiting to get home, I doubt she had any shame in her that'd make her hide or not want to face the group.

That's all. Have a good day ahead. If you are waiting to know about your chances of being able to kick me, look at me sulk ---> :( :( :(
Now pity me. Or deposit your kicks in the feedback box, but listen to my reasons before that! The weekend I was aiming for, mom and I were alone at home and we were having a jolly time. I did not want to step out of that mood :D And last weekend, the 3-day long one, mom and I were not alone at home and so, I was spending time with the rest of the family :P

P.S. I was extremely upset with two of my friends (still am) for loudly assuming the way I treat my lovely students. Let me make it clear to everyone here. I DO NOT TORTURE MY KIDS!!! They are my cute, naughty bundles of joy whom I treasure and will never ever let anyone harm them in any way!! Do you get that clear, both of you?

PPS: RJ Karan Singh Rathore's programme 'Ru-ba-ru' on 104 Fever FM (Mumbai) turns ONE today. Karan's second album, also named 'Ru-ba-ru', will be releasing shortly. I will keep you updated about the whereabouts of the man with the lovely voice :)


Suma said...

its been some time since i came here...lots of changes here, :)

and i'm glad that you stepped in and helped the group...what a lady nah?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

People derive a sadistic pleasure out of doing things like this..
This reminds of an incidence,decades back in my village,this guy almost in his 70 had this habit of mis directing people on road directions...when asked ,he simply said ,"let them walk,its good for them "
Such people continue to exist even today na..
Thanks coming over to my post

Shantharam said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.

How rude that lady is!! Nice of you to help the kids. Sometimes people are too selfish and insensitive. I do not know what she would have gained out of misleading few kids and getting to dump her pompous "backside" and torturing the seats. whenever people ask me for some help like asking for directions, i mostly help them around. And a couple of times i have guided them by asking to follow me scooter, they were in a car obviously :D

vivek said...
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vivek said...

bravo...ms. good samaritan..

point duly noted about ur kids, ammijaan..

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Suma: hey u haven't been here before. The place is new :) Umm.. strange ppl are eveyrwhere!

Compassion: how awful! and I thought all old ppl are good :|

Shantaram: hahaa :P torturing the seats LOL!! Shantaram ko gussa aaya :P :) good... and this woman took extra efforts to go and misguide them! Pain!

Vivek: good! hope u dont forget again.

OnLY OnE..! said...

ok i didnt read the post.

i will.

after my interview. too stressed to read it now and it looked long :P

but i came on to comment why u dont comment on my blog.

there my mini rant is over.

am stressed. i hope ur well.
will comment all later...lol

Sankoobaba said...

selfish woman...goes to such an extent!!

damn!! and sometimes I am fine with hanging outside a train if an old man is not able to push his way inside through the crowd...


keep blogging

The Survivor said...

I am not surprised, there are people who would tend to divert you so that they have it easy.

Good for the group, that you were there.

Chirag said...

So nice of you!!

It reminded me of a incident happened few days back, while I was on my way to office. There is a bypass road of around 250 metres (muddy)connecting two major roads or else you have to travel 10km more. This bypass road becomes hell during rains. Since I was too late, I turned my car towards this shortcut. It had rained last night and needless to say the road had become hell. As I moved I saw a truck coming from the other side. the truck was full of load so the driver was accelerating heavily but it moved very slowly. I just stood still at one point where the road was wider and waited for the truck to pass. As the truck moved closer two pure black puppies emerged from the bushes sideways and started playing in middle of the road. The truck was hardly 20 metres away but the driver had already seen the puppies as he was honking heavily. It was for sure that if he applied brakes his truck was going to struck because of mud. I just closed my eyes. My ear waited to hear the cries with the sound of accelerating truck but soon the accelerating sound died and I heard a normal sound of engine. I opened my eyes and saw a sardarji getting down from driver seat. He took the little puppies one by one and caressed them and then he put them on the other side and went back to his seat and started the engine. I waited there but the truck was unable to move, Sardarji came to me and said" babuji lagda hai gaddi fas gayi crane bulani padegi time lagega". I smiled and said " Koi baat nahi, par mujhe acha laga aapne un pillon ko mara nahi" He laughed and I ignited my engine and put the reverse gear.
That day I felt there are still good peoples on earth.

Sneha said...

its realy very nice blog....

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

i am a huge believer of a little saying "Upkaar nahi sahi, apkaar mat karo!!"

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Only One: :P its ok sweetie read it later :) Umm.. I just happen to read n go.. will comment. Ishhh! so bad of me :|

Sanket: We need more people like u around :)

Survivor: mmm.. we're used to seeing all this now na?

Chirag: OMG that gave me goosebumps. Aww sardars are awesome ppl na? :) Mmm.. duniya mein achchaai ki kami hai but it isn't totally non existent!

Sneha: thank u, gal! Are u someone I know?

Shantharam: aah my mom says that all the time. Not to me ;)
(see I got ur spelling right this time ;) )

Milind Purandare said...

Must be a depressed soul!!! :P

Resuscitat said...

jhansi ki rani!
jhanda lekar nikal padhti hai.

Shantharam said...

:D call me shanthu its easier to type!! but dont forget the "h" :D

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Milind: OMG! Look who's here! :) mm yup!

Pri: :P hehee

ShantHaram: =)) Mumbai gal might forget :P

A New Beginning said...

Hi Shruti! That was a great thing to do...theres no bigger torture then being misguided.
I am sure those guys must be really thanful to you :)
Great work girl!Keep up!


Shruti - now making better butter said...

Sana: Welcome to my space :)
mm.. I cannot stand those kind of ppl!

Anonymous said...


brocasarea said...

thts normal here...everyone from ayamma to doc is insensitive and moneyminded here:(...so sick!!

glad u helped:)

and i trust u regarding ur students:))

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Anon: hey u back here! tell me ur name! Its going to be released by Jagjit Singh?? No.. by Karan Singh. Uh.. who told u?

Pratap: they're everywhere da! And umm.. :)

OnLY OnE..! said...

Wow...seriously? I can't believe she would even consider doing that...wow...m still in shock!

GOOD for you for standing up to her like that, I hope she realises what an idiot she is!

I am so proud of you!

Jack said...


The world is full of selfish persons and we need to be beware of them.

Take care

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

was i one of them??????????

Rohan said...

Rofl @ Khadus Aunty.

Thank God you kept the spirit of Mumbai alive by guiding those half ticket's :D

For every heartless soul you find in mumbai, u ll find 100 who have a heart :D That's what separates it from the rest.

Cheers, you are a good soul :)

Ps: I hope someone puts fevicol on that aunty's seat, so she can sit to her hearts glory for a long time :P

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Shru: such ppl hardly realize their mistakes!

Jack: Right!

Harini: were u in Mumbai recently?

Rohan: 3 cheers for Mumbai! :) LOL!! I love ur fevicol idea :P