Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delayed Picnic Update

I didn't mean to ignore this place. Have wanted to write so much over here but there's sooo much happening that everytime I want to write, something more has happened and what I came to write is old.

Excuses :| I inherit that from my students.

Now I just want to post!!!
I told you I'll be giving picnic updates. There is not much to update, I tell you! What could happen in a picnic?
We decided to meet at 6:30am in college. And we met at the said time. 8 of us. Of which 2 were husbands of 2 staff members. Our usually punctual Dr. Awesome was not on time! Hmmph! He seems to know the rest of the staff members better than we do, even though he has known them for only 3 months. He came by 7:00 and then the rest kept coming. AFTER 7am. There was a tiny 1-minute puja where the college bus driver brutally injured a coconut till its fluids oozed out (:P Ok I was just entertaining myself hehe ;) ). Then there was a lot of photography. I strayed away from the group to click pics of the sun but then I realised that my camera battery had gone poof! Had to make do with my 3.2 Mp faithful SE k790i Cybershot for the rest of the day. The bus finally rolled out of the campus at 7:50 am with 32 staff members. (So much statistics! My quirk.)

From Murud, we took a boat (rowing boat with a sail, not motor boat) to Janjira fort. One of our staff members seemed well informed and made a good guide himself. He explained the significance and history of the place, which I conveniently chose to forget the moment he finished! Murud beach is too tiny and dirty to have any fun. So, we went to Kashid beach. The picture in the previous post was taken at Kashid. After lunch, we had musical sessions :)

Here's the surprise picture I promised to post.

That's Dr. Awesome playing his flute for us. It was a thoughful, beautiful, warm treat! I have uploaded a video of him playing 'Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din' on facebook. A few other staff members also sang for us. But Chelpa Sir was the biggest surprise pack of the day. So cool to have a principal who's a musician flutist, tablist... whoa!!

After spending quick, thoughtful, fun 3 hours at Kahid, we left at 7pm. Reached college campus back at 10pm.

Okay enough of picnic updates! My college festival, ArĂȘte, got over on 20th March and I'm still suffering withdrawal symptoms!! That's how good it was :) Got to see a the different shades of some people during festive season.

More about that in my next post! I'm going to have to censor my next post very carefully!


Anonymous said...

hey just passin' by... great blog :D

Sankoobaba said...

" everytime I want to write, something more has happened and what I came to write is old."


yeah zanjira has interesting history!!

short and sweet post...expecting more!!

Jack said...


Nice to read you had a good time. May you always enjoy this way.

Take care

Resuscitat said...

gopiyon ;) ki photo agli entry mein lagayegi kya :P

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Shaiz: thank u :)

Sanket: uh I dont like history. Its easy to forget for me ;)

Jack: :) thanks u

Pri: haha! kishan kanhaiyya crossed my mind before too! ;) umm.. nopes. no pics of gopiyas here. :)
Only Dr. Awesome deserves a lot of space here :) I'm a pankha.. what to say! He's more than worth all the admiration!