Thursday, May 9, 2013

Julie and Julia - yet another prospective inspiration

Watched this movie called "Julie and Julia" starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. It is based on the lives of two people- Julie and Julia. They never met. They lived in almost separate eras.

Julie wasn't too fond of her job; and just so she could do something that she liked to, she decided to cook. To motivate herself, she created a blog and published about giving herself a deadline of 365 days to complete all 524 recipes in Julia's book. Julie posted about her daily cooking fun and fiasco. The movie shows how she started getting readers slowly and then started getting comments till the point where she got interviewed and published in the newspaper. Julie then went on to publishing a book on cooking.

It's not the cooking in the movie that caught my interest, with less than a minute of camera time for every recipe shown to us, after all, its part of a published book; what caught my interest was the blogging part of it. And now I am inspired to set a deadline for myself and get into serious, fun regular blogging. The difference being that Julie used her blog to keep up her deadline for completing the 524 recipes and I am using one blog post to make myself blog. Ha!

I miss being the spontaneous writer I used to be. I won't force myself into the blog marathon's a-post-a-day rule because overdoing that for two consecutive months in 2009 is what killed my spirit and passion for writing. Till before that, blogging was fun. Then, it became like a job. It was a challenge and I didn't want to lose and look like a fool. I want fun again. I am going to set a very easy target for myself so that I don't end up getting pressurized by my own blog. 2 posts in two weeks, it's going to be. That way, I won't have to take obvious efforts to make time to write a post during a possible family vacation.

The rule is that I can make 3 posts in two weeks but that doesn't let me write only 1 post in the next two weeks. So, it's more like- "At least 2 posts in 2 weeks"
Yay! Deadline! Been a while since I knew the terror of having one.

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