Friday, May 31, 2013

Hangover Part III. And a book.

The Hangover Part III releases today and I have prepared myself for it by watching the other two parts in the last two days. I have hence watched two of the craziest nights that a trio could possibly have! When the ending is happy, we mostly tend to want ourselves to go through such incidents. But the adventures I have seen in these movies? Oh! I'd never EVER want to be a part of that!

To add sanity to my day, I am back to reading. It's been a while since I got my hands on a novel. My genre has not changed. I still stick to fiction. Ever since I read 'Coma' by Robin Cook, I've been wanting to read all other his medical mysteries too. The reading flow has begun. I have started with reading Robin Cook's 'Foreign Body'. Unlike before when I barely notied, I have now started appreciating the research that the author has put in, to write this book. A large part of the story is based in India and to explain the culture, practices and geography here, is surely not a piece of cake for someone who has spent all his life in various parts the United States of America.

In case anyone's wondering, I quit my brain-gnawing, nerve-racking job a while ago and I feel like a normal human being again, not having to smile at faces of men that add terror to my day or women who love to act that they wish me well. I feel safe and secure out of that place.

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