Thursday, January 21, 2010

My awesome boss!

I have an amazing new principal in college. Anyone following my updates on facebook would know how fond of him I am :) It is not often that one likes their boss. We tend to dislike those who have authority over us. I think this is most experienced by children with older siblings. Like I have my Chota (small) Hitler (that's a nick I have given my big brother) Why do I call him Chota even though he is older? That's because there is a Bada (big) Hitler in my house too. My dad :P

They say people who draw moustaches and beards on pictures of people on book covers are those who thirst for authority but just cannot get it. My Hitlers already have moustaches, so, giving them names was all I could do. Like an obedient little child, I nod and listen to everything dad instructs. I am not scared of my brother but he has a knack of making me do things. He will give these philosophical, senseless big brother lectures to mom, which magically make sense to her and I am given the title of a disobedient spoilt brat if I do not listen to him. So, I am blackmailed into obeying this person who is just 13 months older than me. Pfft! I should prepare some poor-little-small-sister lectures now.

Aah.. so.. my adorable principal! The name's Dr. Chelpa Lingam. He is one of a kind. The kind of person one cannot dislike. I was impressed during the first meeting we had with him itself. It lasted a little more than hour and it was his first meeting with all college staff. The rest of the meetings we've had lasted no less than two hours each. Two splendid hours that feel like just a few minutes!

He is a great speaker. I think it is the fact that he is a certified speaker for Emotional Intelligence that makes his words so captivating. It is such a pleasure to know that the man in the "BIG BOSS" chair has no ego issues and that you can be relaxed and free around him, that you can be human, not employee.

He joined our college just before the semester exams began. A new rule was introduced for students who are caught with chits or mobile phones with exam related data. Any such student will not be allowed to write the rest of the exams in that semester. Strict it is, but this is something I have been wanting ever since I was a student. This is an engineering college after all. If you are copying and passing, you are going to, say, build bridges that collapse in a day!

He should've joined our college years ago. Way before we had some inconsiderate people who knew only to carelessly pass orders. Anyway, rather than getting greedy, I guess I should just be thankful that we have him here at least now! :) I just hope that the snakes and wolves of the college fail miserably in their attempts to drive him out.


Vrij said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!

OnLY OnE..! said...

Thats soooo good!
He sounds like a gem of a person and so good to have a person like that in authority, who takes their job seriously and are nice!


vivek said...

about you bro...he's perfectly right in what he's doing..that is, putting chutki in her place... :D

and btw, i know people who have copied in exams to have completed their MS in the usa and other countries and now are securely placed in comfy jobs...:D

their bridges aint falling any day is what i think...:D

Shruti said...

Vrij: :)

Shru: yes he's a gem :)

Viv: Kalyug hai... stuff other than truth also triumphs now. Someone with strong morals would not cheat. U said u dont. Stick to it. U'll prosper and will be genuinely satisfied :)
And about my bro.. hmphh!

vivek said...
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vivek said...

still you will never admit that the system is flawed!!!

vivek said...

wha gsbn dsihdfuhdf??
sdjgsd ohsduihs agdgs!

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!!
Begins with C and ends with LINGAM..........."SILENCER" :D

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

And YAY!! You love your boss!! :D
And btw, I didn't know you had a brother lol

Sankoobaba said...

"some poor-little-small-sister lectures now"
my sis is good at it..sometimes it works.. ;)

good post..keep blogging...

Tys on Ice said...

great news on the new boss thingy..

its sure to make working a lot easier..

Jack said...


Congratulations on having a human principal. Where is Mr Wolf? So you made cabbage into a rose. Good work.

Take care

Jules said...

Wow!! Your life just got so much more enjoyable!! YAY on the awesome boss thing!!!

Shruti said...

Viv: we are all flawed re.. system ki kya baat kar rahe ho? If we see corruption, u say we should shut our eyes thinking that we cannot wipe out all corruption at one swipe? We shouldn't take the initiative of starting slowly?
'kuch bhi' bola na =)) LOL!! :P

Anon: :O what a comparison! ae.. mere princi ko kuch nahi bolneka!
but how did that strike u? ;)

Harini: great feeling na? :)

Sanket: wow! Maybe I should talk to her for tips ;)

Tys: u bet :) Actually, it already is.. its a pleasure when u love what u do :)

Jack: oh so rightyly said.. human principal. Wolf is still there. He wasn't the principal. Just a staff who bosses over a lot.

Jules: yes yes YES!! :)

Shantharam said...

ha ha!! Ma'am Copying is not a sin!! Getting caught IS. The students will find newer and better ways am sure, after all its an engineering college isnt it! Bin there so i am pretty confident of our next generation of engineers that they will come up with some unique and new methods of copying!!

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Shantaram: its all perspective :) For the serial killer, killing is not a sin. He's just being nice by saving a lot of poor ppl from the sorrow that they might have to go through later in life. hai na?
I belong to the Gen Next of teachers :) so... :->

Shantharam said...

nice analogy!! :D so the war between next gen copiers and next gen teachers is on hey??? Where do u teach? and what subjects??

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Shantharam: sure it is! :) I teach in a college. Oh lots of subjects ;)

Sneha said...

who r snakes nd wolves mam..?????