Monday, January 4, 2010

The answer

Happy new year!! :)
So, many of you saw a red rose. Some saw a folded napkin, rose on cake and many such well thought stuff. See I told you its a modified picture. I go backwards now. The picture I wanted to publish was actually this.

A yellow rose. But it looked a lot like the original object.

This is the original object. A cropped version of the original photo. It still looks like a rose, doesn't it?

Aaaand here it is! The original object. A cabbage cut in two. Check out that awesome looking centre!

A cabbage by any other name would look as beautiful.. ;)


OnLY OnE..! said...

ahh so one person did get it right!
when I saw it one hour ago your blog was not updated - thus the msg on fb!

very creative shruti!!! and I like this new blog! so whats going to happen to the old one?

Shruti said...

yea! :) funny it happened when I had updated 9 hrs before u looked!
and thanks :) at least u do sniff sniff

Sankoobaba said...

I was right..almost..i was doubtingly sure that it was cabbage..

so best of luck for your new blog..

keep blogging

brocasarea said...

nice biscuit!!..:))

Shruti said...

Sanket: :D yes u saw it!!

Pratap: biscuit? hmmph! kya bol rahe ho

Sunshine said...

love the way u photoshopped the cabbage btw...the red rose looks super tempted to steal it for my blogger profile pic! :)

anyways nice space...u planning to move here completely or mantain both blogs?

oh and Happy New Year! :)

Lust4Life said...

U got two blogs now. Congraz!!
U made a cabbage look like a rose. Thatz awesome creativity :D:D

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

woahh awesome!!!
:D :D

brocasarea said...

biscuit means buddhu karna..slang word hain..:)

lostworld said...

That is spectacular piece of creativity!!! I'm liking 'Better Butter' already :-)

Cheers & happy new year.

Jules said...

I never in a million years would have thought that started as a cabbage! Nice one, Shruti!!

tys said...

:) year, new blog...turning cabbage into rose...girl, u r on a roll !

btw, have a great year...

Vinesh said...

So what IS your new blog? This one's called Better Butter, but I got here from a link on your older blog (High Spot) called Shru Is I?? I'm confused....

Shruti said...

Mish: give in to that tempation!
And, I dunno. Wanted to shift to this space completely. But then, there are objections form top aurhorities ;)
See, I have been so confused as to where to post that I ended up posting nowhere!

L4l: :D whee I was excited too :)

Harini: :D hai na? the other clours dint turn out to be as good as this :)

Jules: haha! just the reaction I intended to get from people! :D

Tys: aah.. an honour to have u here! :) thank u, u have an amazing year too :)

Vinesh: hey! :) Shru. Is. I is the name I had given this blog initially. Then when the excitement settled, I found the name too silly :P And I renamed it :) U reached the right place!