Saturday, June 9, 2012

School-less spellings

You've got to have studied in a really bad school if you're making so many spelling mistakes. I am not talking about SMS lingo here. That has become fashion now. I feel disgusted when I see people typing 'know' as 'noe'. 'Know' doesn't even have an 'e' in it. While typing on a computer, how many extra milliseconds will it take you to type out a word correctly and completely. And if you're really trying to save time by typing self invented, shorter versions of the word, why would you want to use letters which aren't even there in the word? Irks me.

I wasn't intending to criticize SMS lingo. Its the spelling mistakes some people who are not from vernacular medium schools make, that surprise me.

Habbit. That's more like rabbit! Habit has only ONE 'b', folks! Get that right.

Loose. One doesnt loose their belongings. You sure can loosen your grip on them, but you usually lose them. Not loose. Clothes get loose when you lose weight. Those English spelling designers are to be blamed too. But I can't believe you didn't learn that in school.

My bad. Fashion. Wrong. As wrong as "A beautiful came." A beautiful who? My bad what?

How's you? may probably be declared officially correct soon. Next time someone asks me that, I'll tell them, "I is fine".

This post is the result of a facebook status message of my friend whom I am extremely fond of. She was talking about her childhood 'habbit' of 'loosing' her anklets. 'My bad' that single anklets wasn't fashion then, she wrote. I usually overlook mistakes of people I like. Spelling mistakes, I can't.


Vrijilesh Rai said...

This sounds like a discussion we had a few months ago..

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I've written so many blog posts like this one in my head!
"Anyways" and "Let she think" drive me crazy!

Jack said...


I was under the impression that you had stopped writing here. I just dropped in to check and found 2 pending post. Relax, young lady. I pray that May God keep you young looking even when you are grandmother. I agree with you that some of the mistakes are really irritating.

Take care

Shruti said...

Vrij: I have some cutie pie friends who keep reminding me of this :P

Harini: Hahaha!! YOU don't tell me girlie.. u purposely make those errors, no? ;)

Jack: hahah no.. I don't think I'll stop writing ^_^