Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alive now

Long break. I know. The break happened because of a lot of things, about which I might tell, some other time. But for now, I have something important to report. Who knows what might happen?

I got my first real death threat today. It was from the father of a seemingly mentally abnormal girl who enjoys cheap gossip. Can I just post this much and go? Posting this so that there are at least a few people who know that there really WAS a threat. Just in case I get killed or something... you know :-/

Am active on facebook. So you know when I'll really be dead ;)


Surya said...

I was correct I was correct I was correct :D

Jack said...


Please do not talk such things. I am not on facebook, so I would like you to write more often here.

Take care

Sankoobaba said...

dont worry we will send black cat commandos to take care of that abnormal father

Shruti Finally said...

Surya: smaaaart baaay! :P

Jack: yes yes :) I'll start with tiny posts like this. I've lost touch u see :(

Sanket: haha! Hurry up with that ;)
And oh, am honoured, as soon as I said that facebook inactivity would prove I'm dead, u added me! :P

Jules said...

OMGoodness. Hope that pans out to be nothing!