Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stuff I hate to hear from you

There are friends and there are acquaintances. Then there are strangers and the 'I wanna make fraanship wid u' kind of others. And then there are -saving the best for the last- the close friends. I chat with all of these and some words from all these category of friends and non-friends(!!) actually awaken the wild animal in me. So if you sense sudden anger in me, hell YES.. it IS because of something you just said!!

Here I list some of the things I so very much hate to hear. These are all I remember now. Words in brackets are what I'd love to tell you:

-wassup!! [the fan is and don't dare ask me that again!]

-howz life [its made up of moments and will always be.. leave me alone if this is what u came to say]

-so what else [the dog peed and my back itches. GO!]

-m gng hm wl b bk aftr 2 dz [for god's sake isn't it easier to type out full words? Every word is not Czechoslovakia!!]

-25/M/Bnglr here, wanna chat? [65/M/Andamans, sure I'd love to chat, son! ] I've done this one many times.

'So what else' is the most irritating of those. I was having a chat with one of my close college friends one evening. Let me tell u, I'm in my best mood in the evening. Its like, my time of the day. So I was at my chitter-chatter best for a while. Had a lot of things to tell her. Just before I could start telling her another thing, she said, "so what else?"

Uh.. what.. my mind went totally blank. Irritation was sparking all around me. I had so many things to say and I couldn't remember one single thing! I told her that her what-else had spoilt all the fun.

Another thing that irritates me (ohhh I'm so hyper-irritable!!) is people's reactions.



Ugh.. that's all you have to say? Add something to it! It must be something perfectly alright, but irritates me, nevertheless!

-'Whatever' Now if this one comes from a friend, I'm left all sad and all, it sounds like they don't care! And why 'whatever' when one can easily clarify what exactly it is!? And if it has to be 'whatever' in the end, why start with that topic at all? If it comes from someone who is not a friend, I see to it that that's the last time we speak.

-'Good for you' This one sounds absolutely fine if its not a friend saying it. If its a friend, hey aren't u glad too? :(

-'Develope' is a word I've seen many of my professors write. Even seen it in the question papers. I cut of the 'e' so that I can't see it at all. I unknowingly make the yuckiest of expressions at the sight of that misspelt word. Any other misspelt word will do. Am weird na?

-'Regarding'. I try my best, like BESSSTTT to avoid using that word. The dislike for the word started in Std 5!! My History teacher used to say that word differently; not pronunciation wise, but expression wise. While saying it, she used to pitch down her voice to a very low note, used to move her eyes north east and she used to somehow squint when she did that. Eeeww!!

Like the smell of the perfume of a person we really liked a very long time ago still makes us happy, these words still strike the violence zone in me.


Sankoobaba said...

i agree with "wat else"
it happens.. someone says wat else..and we forget wat we were saying and start thinking wat else..

and also some people use the word "basically" "actually" too much

and also SMS lingo is not cool all the time...

uhh..i dont ask friends howz life..i ask howz work/job.. ..

Jules said...

Develop is spelled without the e here...

the one that I really dislike is "I digress". That expression disturbes me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kya baat hai
Grrrrrrrrrrr8 template!

Btw, aapko pata hai, "wassup" kyun bolte hai?

It's like that statement above, "Kya baat hai".
See, It can mean anything, either "Kya baat hai?" or "Kya baat hai!"
Both have different meanings.
Same goes for "Wassup".
It's a greeting short for "What's up with you?"!

The other person didn't mean you any harm. So why snap? unless you looooooooooooove snapping at people. Some surveys conducted on people who snap out suggest that they have an inferiority complex so they do it so that the other person won't get the upper hand in the situation.

Ha ha ha
See, aapki tarah maine bhi baat ka batangad banaya na!
Duniya mai itna kuch hai angry hone ke liye, aur aapko bass yeh trivial reasons mile ma'm?

Cheer up and always keep a smile when interacting with people. You will see the difference in a short time.

Shruti Finally said...

Sanket: yea.. 'actually' has actually become the most common thing ;)

Jules: umm? yea.. the extra e annoys me.

ANON: oh hey welcome back here ;) pweese tell me ur name :P Aap bhi nikharte jao :) Btw, new look is from blogger template designer only :)

Anon: thanks.. the template is thanks to blogger :)
'Kya baat hai' is a reaction after someone says something. 'wassup' is something u tell to someone who has said nothing and then u wait for a reaction. My reaction to wassup is 'grrrr' in my head. And oh.. u really thought I dint know what it meant?
And I dont snap at ppl when they ask wassup. I just keep mum. Ignore. I like the survey :) makes a lot of sense :)
My anger acts everywhere.. it doesnt spare the small reasons also :)
While interacting with ppl... the smile fades when I dont feel like it. Fake smailes make my face muscles ache.
Ummm... may I know ur name please?