Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shastra @Raghuleela update

So Shastra rocked!! Being a Hindi alternative rock band, they were the most soothing band to my ears. But the crazy crowd seemed to love heavy metal bands where the vocalists don't sing. They only roar. Like animals... let's take a dog for example. Whatever the dog says, we only hear 'bow wow'. Whatever heavy metal band vocalists say, I only hear "AAAARRRRRRRRR". Fools! The crowds went crazy with all the headbanging.

Even though Shastra did not get shortlisted into the finals (its just their FIRST public performance) my lovely kid Gaurav - Shastra's magical vocalist, and Joy- their gifted guitarist won individual awards for their performances. I think that is an awesome beginning. If you want to hear their songs, you can check out the videos of 'Shabd'- their first original composition here and 'Shayad' cover here.

I can't believe this post comes a whole month late :( Why am I not being able to write? :(