Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another book

I'm done reading 'P.S. I Love You'. A very good book with an unconventional ending; one that makes one want to rid themselves of all the negativity, one that makes one believe that it is not so difficult to overlook the bad things in life and mingle with the beauty around us, making our own life more beautiful and enjoyable; one that makes one wish to have a Hitler-less family like the lady in the book had *wink*

After that, I read another book. '2 States' by Chetan Bhagat :)

By the way, has anyone noticed Chetan's books' names?
-One Night at a Call Centre
-Two States
-Three mistakes of my Life
-Five Point Someone
-Four Filthy Falls.

Okay. I made up the last one. But I think his next book's title will start with 'Four'. Nothing that I think will happen ever happens.
I really adore Chetan's style of writing, especially in '2 States'. There's humour in every alternate sentence. I love the way he comically weaves in similes into serious scenes making them hilarious! I was so much in awe of his writing skills that I searched for Chetan Bhagat on facebook. And I succeeded. I succeeded like I didn't imagine I would. I found 500 Chetan Bhagats there. Hoping to find the original, I used some of my Sherlock skills and analytical abilities and zeroed in on one profile. I sent a friend's request while laughing at myself and within 24 hours, I knew that I had found the real Chetan :) Because my request was rejected. If I were him, I'd do the same too.

Yesterday, I was talking to a fellow blogger and we realized one huge similarity. I'll keep that similarity a secret. That's not the point. She realized while I was talking that, like everyone had been telling me, I urgently needed a break from work and that I had become a workaholic, I was actually enjoying the effort, stress and overload of work that was on me. I still maintain that I don't like holidays. But now it looks like I need to force myself into an extended one because it was her who realized I was overloaded, not me.


Vrij said...

Et tu brutus :(

Sankoobaba said...

P.S. i love you ..there was a movie with same name!! is it same?? anyway not much interest in reading it..mayb i wil watch movie if shown on TV..

i havnt read chetan bhagat's books ..they dont interest me...i dont know...why..
ok i will read and then find out..
and the way you did about chetan bhagat on facebook...that way sometimes i feel like finding out where "takeshi kitano" lives.. so tat i can meet him..his movies are really good..ok..i m out of context

Shruti - now making better butter said...

Vrij: :|

Sanket: yea.. same story. But people who've read the book as well as seen the movie, recommend the book. U must try reading Chetan Bhagat. I don't think I need to even suggest u one name. All his books are good. What will u do after meeting Takeshi?

Chirag said...

i also like his books except the "one night @ callcentre"
if you want you can follow him on twitter he has an approved account over there. :)

Jack said...


It is nice that you are enjoying reading books. It is true that happiness is in one's own hands. One should always put heart into work one does but at the same time proper balance is also needed. One should not neglect own needs.

Take care

Jules said...

I must not love my work enough, because I dream of the next holiday I can take constantly... lol