Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bless Procrastination!

How much more positive can one get that I am beginning to be now?

If I have gone to the lengths to prove that procrastination can be a good thing too, then I believe I'm doing well at this new optimism in my life now. 'Now', being the keyword. That part will be explained later.

For now, let's see how procrastination can be a good thing after all. We've been every mother's dream child if we haven't given a chance to our elders to scold at us for putting away things for later all the time. But, I have noticed that procrastinating an extreme reaction proves to be a good thing after all. Let me explain with an example. Its something that happened today.

My ex-roomie happened to spend last night at my room. I handed the keys over to her at college itself because I had to go home. We met today so she could give me my keys and she said amidst peals of laughter that she loved what she read in our other ex-roomie's slam book that I had filled. I had been really ruthless in there actually.

It struck me only later that my file that contained my *very private* papers of my Emotional Intelligence workshop was kept in a file that was lying on my table too. I had my head fuming when I assumed that she read what I had written in there. I sure didn't want anyone to read what I had written in it. Not because it was too private or anything, but just because it isn't supposed to be shown to anyone. I typed out several SMS's to send to her but kept deleting them because of the way it could sound to the person reading it. Fortunately for me, before sending the SMS, I got too busy and so decided to send it later. Thank you, God, for making me me. 'Later' came and I contemplated on sending the message again. My fumes had extinguished by then and I thought-- big deal if she read it. She's someone who knows me inside out. So what if she read it? :)

There would have been so much tension between us if I had sent one of those several messages to her. I'm so glad that my habit of procrastination worked in my favour this time!


Sankoobaba said...

good that procrastination helps you..
it helps me too...but mostly not..
so good...

uhh...thats why i dont like the idea of baring it all in a diary..coz there is always a risk of someone reading it ..some or the other time...

Chirag said...

thats why its an old saying "count reverse in anger" time is the best healer and any step taken in anger can be regreted forever.

Nice that your friendship was not affected due to it.

yeah but procrastination doesnt helps me either :)

Jack said...


You know the famous saying " Haste makes waste". One should always apply mind fully and with logic before taking any action, specially if it is going to lead to some unpleasantness.

Take care