Friday, June 25, 2010

Battle of the Bands!!

Ever since I performed with Gaurav on stage during my college cultural festivals this year, I haven't stopped wishing that he'd be my son. Have never known or even seen such a sweet, humble, well behaved, talented boy ever.

By the way, Gaurav is a final year student of my college, with a magical singing voice that I love so much!! He's been nicknamed Atif by his friends for the kind of songs he sings and for the way he sounds. Atif and Kailash Kher songs sure suit his vocals best.
But late last year, the kid formed a Hindi alternative rock band called Shastra. (Click to reach their fan page on facebook.) Ever since I got to know about the band about 2 months ago, I have been hearing the various genres of songs that he's been experimenting his vocals on and I tell you very honestly, more times than not, he makes the song sound better than the original!! Shastra, by the way, is a 4-member band with Gaurav being the singer, a power packed Jason as drummer and 2 very talented boys Abhi and Joy on bass and guitar resp. You can check out their creations on the fanpage I linked above.

This weekend will see the band's first ever public performance together. They are participating in Youthopia-- a Battle of the Bands at Central, Raghuleela Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The event starts at 12:30pm and will go on till ...umm.. I guess till all the participating bands are done rocking!
Frankly, I am not a rock music lover. Rock mostly feels like noise to me. And a lot of bands are pure rock bands. So, I'm carrying pain killers with me to relieve me from the sureshot headache that I will end up having. But I will be attending the whole show and watching each and every one of those bands who're going to compete against my favourites.

My best wishes for my lovely little Gaurav and his band Shastra. Do well guys!
So, Mumbai bloggers, any of you joining me in Raghuleela this Saturday?

I. Am. Excited. Major excitement. Butterflies in my stomach! :)


Sankoobaba said...

rock and roll ain't noise pollution...

Shruti - now making better butter said...

did I say it is? I just said its noise.. electronic noise ;)

Jack said...


Kindly update on outcome.

Take care

Shruti Finally said...

Jack: aah yes, I will. I've ignored this space for so long. I'll update today :)